How Persistence Overcomes Anything (500 words a day post 2 of 5)

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This is my second 500 words a day post. Yesterday, I started with just rambling and ended up with an actual focused post. So I guess I'll just do the same thing again.

This photo is of a double rainbow I took the other day. I have always loved the sight of rainbows. I'm not really sure as to why though. I guess it's just something about the beauty of nature to include the math behind how a rainbow is created.

So I noticed that the US Presidential candidate, Jo Jorgensen, has created a discord server. I thought that was pretty interesting. It got me thinking about how we could use situations like the upcoming elections in the US to get Hive out there as a mainstream social media. Right now, all of the candidates are seeking attention wherever they can get it. If we could get a major candidate to start using the blockchain as a social media outlet, we could not only gain some exposure but could also possibly legitimize crypto, in a sense. I couldn't pass up the opportunity when I saw the tweet that mentioned it, so I put a plug in for Hive in a reply to the tweet.


You never know, maybe she'll join. If you're interested in joining her discord, click the link below.

I think it's important to continue to talk about that which you support, even if it is redundant to people who follow you. I don't mean to just shill mindlessly, but when relevant, I won't hesitate to make the comment. I know that sometimes it took me a lot of time seeing something before I ever clicked on a link. My grandfather once taught me a proverb which he followed; "Where there is persistence, there is no resistance." It means, basically, that persistence can overcome any amount of resistance. I truly believe that and I have seen it manifested many times here on this blockchain.

Another example I have about that is a story about my brother. He once got in a fight with 3 other kids. As you can imagine, he got beat up kind of bad...but in the end, one could argue that he won. The fight went like this:

  • He would square up,
  • trade a few blows,
  • fall to the ground,
  • Turtle up (cover his head and body and give them his back),
  • He would take punches and kicks while on the ground for what seemed like minutes
  • He would get up and square up again

That cycle repeated many times. Many times. The fight only ended when he chased the exhausted kids for three blocks back to their neighborhood. I don't think he landed a punch the entire time. My brother was pretty crazy back then. Sometimes you have to be a little crazy to overcome adversity. While I don't necessarily condone his tactics, you can't help but to marvel at the outcome, or at I can't. So I say if my brother can win a fight against 3 people after being beaten continously for like 15 minutes using nothing but persistence, I wonder what it will do for me.

Well, that's my 500. I'll y'all tomorrow.

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