Celebrating Sunday Despite Covid-19

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Greetings everyone! Hope you had a blessed Easter (or Passover) if you celebrated the religious holiday!


Easter was celebrated in many parts of the world and it was strange not to have churches open for mass and prayer services. I joined in a virtual Easter Mass with the Pope at St. Peter's Basilica at The Vatican that started early in the morning -- before 5 a.m. What did you do?


The Eastern Orthodox Church celebrated Palm Sunday and Easter will be celebrated next Sunday on April 19.



As you can tell in the photo, the weather was gloomy. It was warm enough for me to get some needed fresh air and exercise by taking a walk through the subdivision before the forecasted rain and cold weather came overnight. As I walked, it was strange not to see the driveways and streets crowded with cars from the neighbors' visitors or hear liveliness in the backyards as normally would happen...


These $100 chocolate Easter candy bars are the closest we will be getting to government stimulus checks!

I visited my dear mom and picked up her prescriptions as well as brought her some groceries. Amongst other goodies, she had these chocolate bars for me to take home to give to her grandson. Yes, her only grandson definitely is a teeny bit spoiled and a lot a bit loved!


This luscious cheesecake was the dessert part of our order-ahead Easter dinner. Truth be told, I was so full from dinner I had no room and saved it to enjoy the next day!

All of the holidays and celebrations this year will be hard to forget, if for no other reason other than the Coronavirus related challenges everyone is having to endure.

I hope everyone is staying safe and keeping healthy while practicing social distancing during the Coronavirus pandemic. Good news is that it is helping flatten the curve!

Please continue to stay strong in spirit and have faith that in time things are going to return to a new state of normalcy!

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keep up the good work 🤝 stay safe 👍🏾 !trdo
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Good to see you had a great Easter Sunday with the church and seeing mum things are slowly getting better i hope it just keeps getting better.

Stay safe and strong-minded my dear friend :)

A different Easter Sunday around the world. I hope you're still well, @ninahaskin. Greetings from Venezuela.

This is how the streets of the town looked here in Colombia @ninahaskin and we saw the service of our church online.

Chag Kashruth Pesach!

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How beautiful looks like a great Easter Sunday had :)

Stay safe and healthy my friend :)

I thought I commented on this one, but, I guess I didn't! Sorry!

It was a lovely post and what a beautiful way to celebrate Easter! The tulip was in perfect harmony with the day! Wasn't it weird to see the Basilica empty? It was for me. Even though there were remnant people in the photo, I knew it was being said to an empty church that day.

I love the candy, sort of reminds me of Willie Wonka LOL

You are a great daughter, Nina and I believe you will be doubly blessed. Always.

Sorry I missed this! I hope you had a happy Easter!

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