Despite not being around my daughters and my family, I am grateful to be alive and to learn to cultivate patience.

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Image by PIRO4D from Pixabay

If I have been able to learn something in this year of confinement, it has been to cultivate patience, patience grows like a small flower that we water daily, it teaches us to be alone, to take refuge within four walls, to understand that the historical moment is like this , has taught me to get to know my cat and my dog ​​more, to smile when I see my wife cheer up and make her happy with the most beautiful words.

Cultivating patience is a gift that is learned, it takes time, and in that time we learn to recognize the different types of patience.

There is the gift of patience and reading, the gift of patience in loving our neighbor and the gift of patience to see the days go by ... we must cheer ourselves up and feel that life continues to give us another chance.