A Tiny Poem About Life

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drinking in the sky
or sky in the drink -
which am I?


While I think my little poem, inspired by the photograph by @marcoriccardi, stands alone, I would like to provide a bit of explanation. Why not?

My tiny masterpiece contains a number of puns, and is worthy as an entry to @improv's #pundaymonday! I have never entered #pundaymonday, not because I have never tried, but because I have never been successful. This is not the first haiku I've written that contains puns though. I guess when it comes to puns, haiku is my element. In addition, gendai is the haiku form I wanted to employ, so I decided to make this haiku all about me. Here is how it came about.

When I first looked at the photo a few days ago, my feeling was one of disorientation. I set out to capture that feeling. For a few days, I had nothing. "It looks easy!" you say? Give it a go. Writing haiku is both simple and daunting, like any worthy endeavor.

This morning I got lucky. My thanks goes to @marybellrg and this post of hers. While reading her post, I thought of the phrase drinking in the sky. Once I had the word drink to work with, the rest fell into place easily. I went on to use a rather archaic form of drink as meaning a body of water. Lastly, there is my urge to drink alcohol, ever present, but even more so in these disorienting times.

I hope you enjoyed my little haiku. I know I enjoyed writing it.




The inverse perspective also expresses the depth of a body of water. I appreciate the formatting too, the green dividers that resonate with the green in the photo.

Yes! Up and down, all topsy turvy. Thank you for having this thought! And for the resteem.

Haiku generally gets overlooked and is very much under appreciated in these parts if you ask me. Thanks for reading closely.

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Nice double entendres!

right?! oh wait, does that mean they are not puns?

No, that's what a pun is! Yours is quite poetic!

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