Some First Aid Tips You Should Know.

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So a few weeks ago, my little sister was making pancakes in the kitchen when an accident occurred. Apparently, all it took was a moment of error and the hot oil from the pan poured on her left foot. The area was inflamed and I imagine she went through a lot of pain.

At first, I was stunned and helpless, because I didn't know how to help her as soon as I saw it. Thankfully, while I was trying to console her and google up quick home remedies for oil burns, a friend was around and he knew exactly what to do. We whipped up some raw eggs mixed with salt and applied it over the area quickly.

Before that time, i had never heard of this method of treating skin burn before. And perhaps what i found the most interesting about it was that when i called a friend who was a local nurse in the area, the first thing she asked about was if we had applied salt and whipped eggs to it yet. Later, i would discover that these practices weren't medically proven to improve healing from skin burn (at least not beyond a reasonable doubt). However, I found a few articles that tried to discuss the reasons why a lot of people consider it a potent local first response for a burn. I'll drop the links at the bottom of this post.

This experience reminded me of an important reason why we should be diverse in learning; to be useful to society and to the people who are close to us. Heck, accidents can happen at any time, regardless of how safe an environment might seem. And it sucks being an individual who doesn't know what to do if a person were fainting or they just sustained an injury. It is kinda damning instead - the lingering thought that you had to watch someone suffer and you cannot be helpful because you have no idea what to do.

This is why I have been reading up on First Aid practices for the past 2 days. And I've compiled a short list of some of the blog posts I've read so far that contains useful tips on how to administer the appropriate first aid when accidents happen. Would be cool to see if anyone's going to take the time to go through them one day at a time. You'll never know, you just might learn a thing or two that can save an injured person's life when you're around.

Would also like to hear your thoughts. Did salt and beat eggs sound strange to you? Have you heard about it before? What other local first aid tips have you heard about?






Here's the link to that article about egg yolk and burn wounds: