My Early Warning in a bottle

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It is a small experiment in creativity, you choose a word, search a free resource site for the image or photograph that results in a list, and then write a short narrative about it.

For this occasion the word was chosen: Sand

Source: PxHere

I'm not quite sure of my sanity at the moment ... but while I question myself, at least I assure myself that I'm not completely crazy, as I've heard that crazy people never question their crazy.

Today I was walking along the beach while picking up the trash, which is my regular job, but I found an intact bottle with a message inside. It was something so unusual that I took it carefully and kept it to review the message later.

When I returned to the cabin that they give me for my daily work, I started to cook something to eat and carefully I opened the bottle and managed to get the message out without breaking it. The trip out into the open had made the paper a bit brittle, but it held up pretty well. The weird started from there.

The carata started with a line that paralyzed me and it took me a while to come to my senses "Hello, Uriel"

It would not be so strange to start a letter with a greeting, but it is very strange when you notice that a message in a bottle has your name on it, as if it were addressed to you especially. I shook the idea out of my head and reread more of the message.

"I suppose you have recovered from the surprise and try to dismiss strange ideas and uncomfortable questions, such as: Why is my name in the greeting? Or Is it addressed to someone with the same name?
I don't have much paper to explain, so I won't.
If I am talking to you and I know you well enough to know how you are going to react. Better not worry about it and you take better care of complying with what I am going to order.
A disaster is going to happen on the coast, you have to get away, quickly. On the other sheet I marked you some coordinates of a safe place, it has provisions and equipment for you to support until help arrives. Also, on that site you will find a case with something good for you to sell after being rescued and have money to live comfortably.
You will already be asking why I am warning you and helping you. I can explain it to you in another letter, first survive this problem. You have to leave no later than tomorrow morning, don't be late.
When you finish reading this, take the map, put blank paper in the bottle and throw it into the sea. Don't worry about how it will get to me. When they rescue you, it will take about three months for things on the beach coast to stabilize and you can return. You will have enough money to buy the little blue house you like near the docks.
After you move in, look for my new message on the beach. Don't worry about asking: Where to Search? The bottle will find you even before you find it. "

If I told you I was blank for a while, well, I would be being honest. It was until I smelled burning food that I reacted. I ran to get paper, put it in the bottle and ran to the beach, threw the bottle with all my might.

I almost spent the night in vigil without knowing how to explain what was happening, but there was a blind trust that was born deep within me that led me to trust the message and prepare to run. Notify someone else? They will think I'm crazy and they can lock me up, I myself think what I do is a bit crazy, luckily it started the weekend and I have a couple of days off.

If nothing happens, then I can come back later and not tell anyone about this madness, but if something really happens ...

No way, I'm not going to be like Kassandra, that woman of old who announced a catastrophe and they didn't believe her, but rather won a lot of problems for being warning.

I am already on my way and I am heading to the coordinates, I compared it with a map and the rudimentary map that he sent me is well drawn, even the route to get there is clear, it scares that someone that I do not know if I know is so precise. I pray that everything goes well and that in the future I can have a new message that explains what is happening.

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