Sweet wood

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It is a small experiment in creativity, you choose a word, search a free resource site for the image or photograph that results in a list, and then write a short narrative about it.

For this occasion the word was chosen: Wood


Source: PxHere

The girl is again stroking the tables of the table while playing with the fern leaves she has brought from the garden.

I don't really like her to tear off the leaves, but she doesn't do it often and she's pretty good for her age. So I let him be and do some things like this from time to time.

The grain of the wood is well marked, the clear and smooth lines have been marked in a kind of bas-relief over the years.

How long has that table been here?

I don't remember it clearly, I think it's from my grandparents' times. My parents and aunts grew up in this old country house. Most of the furniture is from that time, partly because it was made resistant to last many decades, partly out of respect for memory and a lack of desire to renew.

After the great pandemic, the economies of many places suffered badly. The rents became impossible to pay and the social benefits could not solve everything. We reached a recession in which everyone had to watch out for their own.

I was lucky. The old house was available and no one else in my close family was interested in moving to this location. Because of my work, which is remote, it did not affect me to be in a secluded place, in addition, I also have fond memories of this old house.

My wife agrees for now, I hope her positive mood remains, it would be horrible if her attitude turned sour from living here. On my daughter's side, well, she is the one who is enjoying this the most, without a doubt that not having many of her friends affects her, but after spending months of social isolation due to the quarantine before the epidemic, It seems like she's gotten used to not having many people around her.

I am a little worried about my daughter's social future, but remembering that all children have lived the same and there are other children in other places who have had a worse time, well then, I can hope that she will not be a sullen, agarphobic person or with some other isolating pathology.

My jija is falling asleep lying on the old wooden table, it is time for her nap and I have finished with the work I was doing, I can pause to start later with the following documents. Anyway, I'm going to take her to her bed.

My footsteps make very little noise as I carry my daughter to her room for her nap peacefully. In truth, I have some anguish in my heart, I only wish that my daughter's future is good, despite the fact that the events of these recent months have convulsed our world and have changed many things.

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