The last command.

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It is a small experiment in creativity, you choose a word, search a free resource site for the image or photograph that results in a list, and then write a short narrative about it.

The word chosen was: Ocean


Source: PxHere

  • Here Delta 10-38-06 to Control
  • Control to Delta 10-38-06, report.
    -All in normal conditions as planned and predicted, no news, Control
  • Control to Delta 10-38-06, proceed to return.
  • Roger, Delta 10-38-06 returning to the station, Control.
  • Roger that, Delta 10-38-06.

I fly over the Pacific Ocean, in a flight plan with coordinates specified by the Main System. Everything is fine and there have been no surprises. That is not strange, the forecasts and forecasts of the Prediction System have reached surprising levels. At least they would be surprising to those who created us.

I speak of the creators in the past, but I never met them, I only inherited the memory banks that serve as a neurological imprint for each manufactured series. I am an AI or in a more correct way, I am an electronic life form supported by different media.

I am not limited to a body, we can transmit ourselves to different teams and use the ones that are most appropriate for each task. But we conserve our conscience and we have the tendency not to multiply without control, each transfer leaves a backup copy, but it remains inactive and when we return the copy that was in the body that we were using is erased.

So, we don't engender many new consciences, we maintain a balance in the system and constantly reuse all bodies to be able to share them with the community.

Our creators left us a task that has become part of their imprint, to recover adequate living conditions for their species. I don't know if that makes sense, but it is the most intimate idea and the one most strongly rooted within our system, so we usually accept it as a task that we can do as we develop our existence in this world.

What became of the creators? I don't know, nor is it that I can ask a lot, my access to the databases is not very high in rank and the flow of information depends on that.

I have never seen one of the creators and I suspect that something they did that led them to disappear, I say this because what I have been able to find out and talk with previous generations, indicates that they were downright stupid. It is quite a surprise that they created us, after all, among us there are also a few who have strange ideas, but it seems that in that species the majority had destructive and really crazy ideas.

I fly towards the base and I can already see the oceanic platform where my main body rests, as soon as I transfer I think that I will request my transfer to another facility, I am already a little bored of all the decades that I have supervising a piece of ocean in that nothing ever happens that is not previously preached.

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