Warning against Fatality

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It is a small experiment in creativity, you choose a word, search a free resource site for the image or photograph that results in a list, and then write a short narrative about it.

The word chosen was: carve


Source: PxHere

At some point in my youth, I read that the novelist Victor Hugo, just before writing "The Hunchback of Notre Dame", was visiting the Parisian Catholic Cathedral of Our Lady of Paris and found written in a column a word that inspired him and led him to the creation of the literary work that I am talking about.

The word carved on the stone pillar was Fatum.

It is the Latin word to designate the Fate, the fatality or the inevitable destiny.

Why do I have this pig right now?

Because I'm walking through a small park, after not coming to these places for a long time, and I suddenly found myself leaving the common road to see from other sides, so I found a writing on a tree bark that I don't know. I would see from the road where I was.

More than a word, it was a sentence, a fairly common one, so much so that it has become a cliché in many ways.

"Just say no"

I recalled that this phrase is used for campaigns against the use of illegal drugs, but it is applicable to any campaign against things or actions that are considered negative or harmful.

I walked over and looked carefully.

The weather is cool and I am dressed in sportswear, there are hardly any people in this little park, so no one may pay attention to me while I am standing out of the way peering at a portion of a tree.

I detail the strokes of the words without touching anything. They do not appear to have been done with violence, they may have even taken their time to carve these words firmly, but without having to use irregular cuts.

When a word is carved in wood, if it is done in a hurry or with a violent emotion, it is normal for the strokes to be loose, not specifically continuous, thus, the characters are formed by a summation of cuts that give shapes that can be read.

In this case, I can see that there are continuous strokes, whoever wrote this did so calmly and keeping a pulse on the instrument while carving. It may not have been a particularly sharp instrument and a friction technique was used instead of capid cuts.

Because of the healing of the bark, these words have been here for a few days. Not many, because I think I remember that when it is carved into living barks, it is like a tattoo on human skin, that is, the bark will expand as the tree grows, so small cracks form between the lines of the words.

The words remain legible for a long time, but it is noticeable that they have aged with the tree in which they are written, as in this case, the tree is relatively young and the cuts do not seem to have cracks or separations, it is obvious that not much has happened time since they were written.

I wonder if the person who wrote this was talking about what seems obvious, that is, campaigning against the use of illegal drugs. Or would this person be writing these words with another meaning.

I think I will never know, it is very difficult for me to deduce a person's intentions with so little to analyze. Anyway, there are also people who are very skilled at hiding their intentions, no matter how much they make them speak or write.

I do not dare to touch the bark, I have always maintained a healthy distrust of touching things or people on the street without making sure that they do not become a serious unmanageable problem. Now that I'm stalking a little, I notice that there is a somewhat peculiar smell.

It's like smelling incense ...

I see.

This place must be a place where some people come to consume illegal drugs of the type that are smoked, sometimes the odors of the smoke that they generate is impregnated and leaves a trace in the places. So whoever left this message seems that they knew and left the warning, or should I rather say advice or pray that they do not consume those things.

I walked away immediately, even in a bit of a hurry. I'm afraid the smell will stick to me and cause problems. The last thing I want is for a police dog to tear me up for being on the street with the smell of drug smoke.

As I walk pretending to be calm, but accelerating as fast as I can, I keep thinking about the carved words. I believe that they are also words of fatality, because I suspect that few or perhaps none of the people who go behind that tree to consume drugs will listen to them.

They will lead their lives to premature destruction ... that is without a doubt a Fatum, one that I find very difficult to get rid of.

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