Trip to Portugal - Valongo Valleys

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Another day of training! I have been on lockdown since March 16, 2020 and it has been a unique experience, as I am working from home remotely and I have more time to spend at the end of the day to go walk/run in the mountains of Valongo.

I'm going to show you this new trail that I did, which is a little complicated for those who don't like uphill.



The mountain begins to show the greenest color and the most colorful flowers. The spring season is magnificent for those who love nature, as we begin to see many more colors and hear and see more birds and other animals up the mountain. It is gratifying to stop in the middle of the mountain and "listen" to nature.




In the Serra de Valongo it is necessary to be very careful with the "fojos" holes in the ground that are old excavations to find gold in the mountain. Many of these holes are not signposted, so if you ever venture into these mountains don't forget these holes as they have enormous depth.




On this walk I was accompanied by my parents old dog. The dog loves to walk up the hill and sniff every corner. On this little climb, the dog was already tired, so I had to turn around and go home again.




As you can see in this area of the mountain, there is a lot of trees that are eucalyptus, this exists more because a few years ago there was a big fire in this area and then they planted eucalyptus.

Here I reveal my admiration for the majestic eucalyptus. It is undoubtedly a beautiful, grand and elegant tree, with smooth and soft skin and a refreshing aroma. Who has never noticed the pastel colors of the eucalyptus trunk that peels off after a night of wind and rain?


Eucalyptol has bronchial-dilating properties, making breathing easier and also acting as a strong antiseptic for the airways. It is also antipyretic, combats cough, healing and vermifuge, and can be applied in the form of suppository. It is disinfectant, useful in combating various types of bacteria, it is also effective in the treatment of otitis, flu, bronchitis, expectorant, oropharyngeal inflammations, diabetes, stimulating the production of insulin, cystitis and even in external use in the form of diluted essential oil. in compresses, relieves muscle and rheumatic pain.



So one more hike through the mountains, and the next hike I will try to take another different route to show you the diversity that this area has. I hope you enjoyed!

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