100 DAYS OF STEEM : The Diary Game: June 22 2020

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Today was a drawing day.
I chose the time for my daily art. And she decided to draw forest flowers for one marathon on instagram.
I love to draw flowers and all of March and April I had fun drawing exotic flowers, and here I came across the theme of forest flowers. This is also great, especially since I have not been in a forest for a long time where there are trees and Christmas trees. Here we have mainly palm trees and cacti

Before I show you my new artwork, I want to say thank @veta-less @art40ka and @mister-omortson for pulling me out of real here and talking about this message game
and @steemitblog @ steemcurator01, @steemingcurators for this initiative and support

So, Today I draw crocuses. I chose colored pencils and plain white paper for drawing.
I think these flowers will open a new series of botanical illustrations, from which I will then make postcards or a calendar for my store.

Look how cute and tender they turned out!

I started the sketch with a pencil

Then she circled the necessary lines with the liner and plunged into drawing with colored pencils. My favorite process ...


Now I have such wonderful flowers! Soon there will be more, a whole series, and you can watch here how this series is replenished and expanded!
I wish you all a great day and sunny weather!



Какие красивущие цветы!!!!

Милые крокусы получились. А я с карандашами всё боюсь связываться :-)) Почиркаю и мне размывать надо обязательно. Хотя зачастую их штрихи лучше передают текстуру,
Несколько раз пробовала совмещать простую акварель и карандаши. Один раз понравилось-понравилось. Второй раз нет. Надо бы третий раз попробовать :-)))

не, я вообще не размываю, хотя карандаши часто акварельные. Это ж всю красотищу смываешь в одну серую лужу))))

Вооо, а мне хоцца. Хоть и вижу, что фигня в итоге. Не мой материал, видимо. Или не пришло ещё понимание.

Thank you for taking part in The Diary Game on Steem.

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