vargan macros

in GEMSlast year

A fallen wilted orchid's leaf pushed me to take macros of my vargan today...

Vargan is a little weird musical instrument. It has pretty mush alternative names in other countries: khomus, khoobiz, vagran, doromba, drymba, mautrommel, berimbau de boca, dan moi, morsing, murchung, and more and more. I like to mention one of them -- a jewish harp. a lot of nations have invented this musical instrument. I am obsessed with it pretty much, for different reasons, which are a subject for a different talk..

Let me stress its portability, -- this is one of its most sufficient advantages for me, but not the least. It is a great way to spend your time usefully, when you are stuck somewhere and just have to sit quietly on your ass, and cannot walk away and show up later... it is light, and always can be put to your backpack or pocket. Its greatest benefit is, -- playing it requires of you a certain concentration, and sweps away all the wrong ideas from your head. It really normalize your head levels, thats why I always play it when I need to do it. Thus, it is a real zen thing.

IMG_9073w.jpg (clickable)

taken with Canon 5D +Sigma 150mm

I obtained mine at this beautiful shop I cannot but recommend:
Its a labour of love for the folks who run it.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures, I put a lot of love into this.
And now you definitely know a bit more that just 5 minutes before!