What can a rose be like??!!

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A flower can touch a heart. A flower can make a heart. A flower can break a heart. What do a flower can’t? A flower can talk to people, a flower can be a platform to share people’s expression.

A flower is a gift of god to human. I think flower is only the thing which come from the heaven directly.

Specially when a flower is the rose. I actually never see a black rose. But, in my eyes I have seen a lot of time red roses and on the hand it is said that rose is the beauty Queen and in my world if I wanna explain the beauty of someone's face I would like to tell ow my god, you are looking like the beauty Queen as rose.


I have a roof top garden. Specifically if I say it’s a rose garden. I made the garden last year on lock down and It would be easy to say that I can get full interest in making garden and it helps me to spend my leisure time.

Unfortunately, I have worked almost one year on my garden, I have invested huge time here but I didn’t get any output. In my garden I didn’t have a single rose. But, I am not demotivating myself to make more garden. It could be in future that I will have a lot of roses. It could be in future that I would have people around me and in my garden so that they can have some smell of my roses.


I Don't know, may I would be successful or not. I Don't know may be, I could make flowers or not but the reality is i will never stop making garden. I will never let anyone stop walking on the middle of his destiny so how can I???

May be a Single rose can make me more interested in making garden. Pray for me in that case may be my work will get a pin of sun at the evening Hopefully. I am still working at my garden. There is no rose here. I am not a farmer but would like to work at my roof top garden.


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