Itsy Bitsy Tiny: Down The Water Sprout

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The sun was shining brightly as I opened the kitchen window to the sound of frantic scratching coming from outside the back door - like claws on metal.

Going outside I realized Tiny, the little red squirrel, was in the down-sprout that runs into the ground. All the down- sprouts, from the gutter system, around the house are buried underground and she would be unable to get out from the bottom.

She was clawing, like mad, trying to get a foothold to climb back out of the smooth surfaced metal sprout.

What could I do to help her? I took out a small ladder and reached into the top of the eaves with a glove on but she was too far down for me to reach her. Seeing a glove probably frightened her anyway and she backed down further.


I was at a loss of how to help Tiny. Finally the frantic scratching stopped leaving me with dreadful visions of a dead Tiny drowned in the water-sprout.


How To Rescue A Squirrel Stuck In a Down-Sprout.

Thinking of something to put down the opening at the top for Tiny to get a grip and climb up on, I found a gift I had got last Christmas. It was a long white ribbon decorated with glass dragonflies. Pretty looking but I had no idea what to do with it.

” Finally,” I said to Hubby, ”There is a good use for this gift.”

I put the long ribbon that was decorated with glass butterflies down the sprout but no reaction from Tiny. The idea was to give her something to hang onto and climb out as the inside of the sprout was too smooth to give her claws traction.


I felt badly thinking little Tiny was trapped or dead in the down-sprout and there was nothing I could do.

Morning Surprise

This morning I was lamenting the demise of Tiny and thinking I wished the fairies or leprechauns would have helped her out yesterday - being St. Paddy’s Day and all. ☘️

The cats were at the kitchen window looking intensely outside and when I glanced out the window the little critter was waiting on the deck railing for her morning cashew.

I have no idea how Tiny got out but it was great to see her. She looked no the worse for wear and tear. She came up to me and took her morning treat as usual.

Animals are amazing.

Itsy bitsy Tiny fell down the water sprout,
There didn’t seem to be a way to get the critter out.
In the morning, there she was.
Itsy bitsy little squirrel had found her own way out.

🐿 🐿 🐿

All photos are mine

Location: Prince Edward Island, Canada


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What a relief the little Tiny is OK and found its way out.

What a relief the
Little Tiny is OK
And found its way out.

                 - nelinoeva

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Thanks for being on the ball @haikubot

I was glad to see Tiny this morning. I still don’t know how she managed to crawl out. 😊 🐿

I am so glad Tiny got out!!

Hi Deb! It was great to see the little critter this morning.

Oh Jo, I'm so glad Tiny is okay! I can imagine your concern and I think you had a good idea with the ribbon. It is good to breathe a sigh of relief at seeing Tiny the following morning. These little cuties pull us in and we care about them so much. 💕

So true Dee. I worry about the little critters and it was a great relief to see Tiny alive and well this morning. 🐿 ❤️ I’ll have to save that long ribbon with the glass butterflies in case I need to try it again. 😂

Hi Jo, this is the nicest story on saving a little animal. So sweet. I could picture you trying to rescue Tiny. I love happy endings💜

Thanks Angie. I can’t believe he got out of the sprout. It brought joy to my heart to see he was okay. 💗 🐿

I know the feeling. That was a clever lifeline.

Long live Tiny :) Thanks for sharing @redheadpei

Thanks Rob @robertandrew. She’s a smart little critter. 🐿 💕

lol...oh man, I'd love to know how she got out of there!

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