Cauliflower Masala || Thanks to Quarantine

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Hello Hive-ians...

I hope you are enjoying your jail break. Do not get me wrong but in a way, the present situation is no less than a caged situation. But on the other hand, it is having some positive effects as well. like bonding between family is increasing and keeping that in mind, I probably in my 2.5 years (almost) blockchain journey sharing my first cooking blog post. Yup, all thanks to Covid-19. You did it Corona, you did it!

Cauliflower Masala


Before I go any further, I must say I am horrible at cooking. In my life the best dish I probably did was making noodles. So do not expect that much from me when it comes to cooking. I probably should get to learning some dishes in this quarantine phase, as who knows it might come in handy. By the way, my mom is a great cook and this is her recipe and all the credit goes to her. I am just representing her artwork. So pardon me in case if I miss interpret few of the steps. Come on I am a newbie in this field, so get with it please.

1 1 2.jpg

She picked some flowers and chopped them into small pieces and after washing them a few times they were gone into little boiling. It probably took 7-10 minutes to get the boiling done.

Once the boiling was done the flowers were gone to little frying. Not in so much oily condition but just some touch so that while in the final cooking they do not get too much mushy or soft. In the meantime on another frying pan, some other masala was being cooked. Which would later be added with the cauliflower.

1 7 2.jpg

Once it was done, time for making it eatable, I mean the final turn to make the magic happen. With all the ingredients the cauliflower was given down on the pan and she added some water along with it. As all the juiciness does make it a little better to eat with any item you want. I mostly prefer to have it with rice.

1 4 1.jpg

1 5 2.jpg

While they were being cooked, I was standing right beside my mom and I was watching everything being done. Not that I do it often but it was indeed a nice experience.

As they were almost cooked she spread some coriander leaves on top of the cauliflower so that the aroma would be a little more soothing and would smell yummy.

I am running out of words to describe foods. It is not that hard but not easy either. So salute to every cooks out there and every mom who cooks such delicious foods for their family.

Time for some presentation


No presentation or whatsoever, I was already hungry and due to an issue, it was already past lunchtime. So for the sake of taking images, I stopped myself and grabbed some quick images and then went to eat them out.


Lately, I am hardly trying to avoid meat or fatty foods . as I probably have said earlier that I am gaining weight so making some hard decisions in avoiding junk foods and oily foods. According to the BMI calculator, I am on the verge of becoming overweight. Even I could not believe it was happening.

But I am not sure how long I will be able to stop myself from having those delicious junk foods. So this situation of home prison is somehow acting in favor of me. Oh, by the way, the food was delicious! So coming to conclusion I never really thought I would be sharing food contents at least not from my kitchen in this way but seems like everything has the first time. I am more of a foodie then of someone who is into cooking. But either way thank you all for giving your time and reading the blog!

All the images are captured by me!

Stay safe everyone and make your bond stronger with your family!

Enjoy Your Day


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