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Technically we are on holiday. But we are prohibited to do a lot of things. I am aware that it does not make us feel any better but the situation demands something like this, so we have to do what the situation makes us do. More Free Time = More ways to make your time worth it. I will explain why I am thinking this way at the end of this blog. So till then keep ongoing.

Youtube has become my best friend in the last couple of days. Yup, it sure has. And probably after few days, I will run out of content to watch jk. The mode of entertainment has switched to virtual than in real life. I guess this was bound to happen in one way or another. Although, I guess things will change in a good way in the next few days. I want to stay positive as much as possible. Do not Blame me, Blame my attitude!

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I was thinking of starting a series (web series) to watch, in order to pass the time whenever I will skip or stay out of work (Steem/Hive work lol). That being said if you have watched some exciting series lately do suggest them in the comment section below.

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let me share some updates on what situation my country is in in a brief way. Tomorrow my city will be in lockdown. Slowly I believe the full country will be in lockdown mode. But the emergency needed aspects will remain open. Like medicine care shops, hospitals, Shops (grocery) and some other places as well. The government has already closed schools, colleges, universities for this month. I hope things settle down ASAP.

It sure is said that Prevention is better than cure.

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Life Changes Very Quickly, in a Very Positive Way, if You let it.

Lindsay Vonn

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There are always two sides of thinking

Now, remember I said why I am talking this way at the start of this blog. Now let me explain if I really panic then things will get much worse for me and even for my family as well. Instead, if I stay cautious and stay within my limits for the time being then there is a chance that my family will be safe and this simple knowledge should be into everyone's mind. We do not know how long will it take for us to get over this situation but we should do our part in every possible way.

May the Almighty have mercy on us all. While I took all the images from my rooftop as I was walking in the evening on the rooftop and was enjoying the breeze for some time.

Enjoy Your Day


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