Worst Lock-Down day so far.....

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Hello there everyone....

Today is not a good day at all. How bad the days can go now? Well evidently it can go far worse than it already is. It is like all the bad things are happening to me all at once. Such a bad day!!

To start the day, I woke up late. And that is because I slept late again. It's becoming an issue for me lol. Need to take care of that ASAP. While there was some sort of cyclone/hurricane (not that extremely dangerous ones) and it did it's work very perfectly. As if the lock down was not enough for us!

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While since I slept late, my phone was almost out of battery and had the chance to check up some of the messages/updated while I was sleeping. Not that much happened, in the last couple of hours as life on the internet have become much valuable for us indeed.

The next news came, which is the shutting down the electricity. Yup, I was not able to charge my phone, neither my laptop to get into doing what I do, which I have been doing for the past few days. So that was a bummer for the day. The backup electricity went out pretty fast that I have expected this time. So all day I was without electricity and most importantly no communication with outside world at all. Still now there is no electricity and I am giving some time via my other phone, which is hard to deal with. So much to say for the quarantine. Purchased a cell phone internet package and here I am again to poke you with a blog 🥳

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Even still now, I am creating this blog via phone 👋. I am not really used to this way, for a quite a long time. But desperate times, desperate measures!

Situation could get a lot worse. Our lockdown period got extended. Our City is under full lockdown from today. Nobody is allowed to go out of their houses after 6 PM(unless for a valid reason). The rate of death is increasing in my country, so is the number of infected ones. Stay safe people and do what is best for you and your family!

So the fact is that, today I can really say that, I was in actual lock down. No communication, No Internet, No electricity literally lived the real lock down day so far. Going back to my quarantine mood once again. See you soon, every one!!


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