The absolute beauty and benefits of 'Moringa/Drumstick'!

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Ever heard of Moringa or drumstick flowers? This is one of the very common tree around Bangladesh. But unfortunately, we can't get to see much nowadays. I'm calling it unfortunate because I came to know many health benefits of this amazing plant. We usually eat the 'fruit' as a vegetable and sometimes the leaves also. But don't use it as much as 'natural medicine'.

Morniga flowers

Flower buds

I captured these images from my in-law's house. They have a huge tree beside their house. I absolutely love the small leaves and the beautiful white flowers of the tree. They have a different smell, not common in flowers. When the flower blooms it looks amazing.

The whole tree looks beautiful with all the white flowers. And when the fruits come, it gets another view. Hundreds of long sticks hang from the tree branches. I came to know that the leaves, flowers, and fruits have several benefits. Moringa leaves powder is very popular in many countries. You may also get it from different super shops. But be careful because there may have several side-effects of it too.

Flowers and the magical leaves

Moringa leaves are good for the brain. It helps improve body immunity. It's popular in my country to take the leaves during fever. Also, it's good for the kidney and helps to control blood sugar. People take the leaf paste to control diabetics. And the most common use is to take care of guts. Its antibacterial properties improve the digestive system, also reduce acne.


This is a curry made by my mother-in-law. It's made out of moringa leaves, jackfruit seeds, chilli, and spices. It's one of the common traditional dishes in my locality.

And the fruit contains different nutritional values which help improves healthy cholesterol in our body. Also, people say that it's good for our hearts. The flowers are also very beneficial. If you are interested, you can search more on the web.

Here I'm holding a moringa fruit!

From hair to skincare, from guts to heart; moringa has hundreds of benefits. People say that this one tree can save one family and can serve food for the whole year. Unfortunately, in the urban areas, I can't see the tree much. Occasionally one or two. But in rural areas, it's a blessing that people still have this and love the tree's fruit and leaves to eat.

As I was saying earlier, in my country this plant doesn't use as natural medicine, only a handful of people use this. I wish I can spread the message more so people can learn and use the plant.


Much Love

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