Market Friday-- Corona Run at The Largest Grocery Store in Texas

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Market Friday is an Initiative started by the wonderful @dswigle

They Announced school closings here in San Antonio...

and along with POTUS calling it a National Emergency...well that led to a "blowout" of all stores ( at least in San Antonio which is the 7th largest US City). We scurried around and made it to HEB around 2pm.

Below , is a pic of outside of HEB when we first arrived. The cars were parking on the grass as there was no space left to park.


Below , The cereal section was blown out with no inventory hardly at all.


Below , the toilet paper was completely gone. We grabbed the last few remaining.


Below , look at that line. It was that way for ALL register lines.


Below , there are my girls with $460 dollars worth of groceries.



This is a pandemic but just remember the regular Flu has been a much heinous killer than this CoronaVirus


Insane people buying up all the toilet paper

People are just a bunch of ass wipes lol

Same thing yesterday at Wal-Mart. No toilet paper. I bought $405 worth of groceries. Even stuff I would never usually get. Drove 110mph like I was in a Mad Max movie.

Crazy stuff. Uncharted territory. Be safe Robert!

Yeah, stores have been crazy. Luckily the supply chain has been doing it's best to keep up with the demand. I can't imagine what will happen if that gets disrupted.

Oh, I had done my panic shopping three weeks before this, knowing how people are. I sat home and watched it on the news.

Thank God! I do miss San Antonio and HEB!!!

I want to let you know how much I appreciate all the time and effort you have spent creating a wonderful post for the challenge this week. I was glad to come shopping and visit my beloved HEB!

Thank you so much !!!

#MarketFriday loves you!

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