I never thought it would happen...

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(fishing bike)

"What are you doing, Herod?" "What's that?" a man shouted from nowhere. "You should be ashamed of yourself." Came to fish, so fish. What are you doing? You harass fish, you destroy aquatic life!

- What's your business, mossy stump?! Going somewhere? So go your own way, and don't bother me! Where did you come from, anyway?! There is not a single village for tens of kilometers around!

Dedok tried to object and swung the club at Victor to make it more convincing. But this was not worth doing. Although the fisherman took on the chest, but the service in the army was not in vain.

He made a grab, then grabbed and threw his grandfather into the water like a sack. An elderly man plunged noisily into the river. Rather nimbly for his age, he swam, and very quickly reached the opposite Bank.

"I'll complain to the merman!" "Hey!" he shouted, wringing out his jacket. "And you know you can't mess with him!"

The next morning, remembering the day before, Victor chuckled. "Well, I got drunk yesterday. I'm still dizzy. What did you do? I remember putting the net on. Oh, network. So, today we need to get it, let's see what we got." He was quickly putting the fishing rods in the boat, preparing for fishing.

"I remember that I swam up and started getting the boat out of the water. And this grandfather still got in the way. Grandfather!!! So I didn't dream it!» He stopped and looked at the place where he had thrown the old man. "Granddaddy plopped down in the water! There is nothing to climb under the arm, but all sorts of passengers from fairy tales to frighten!"

Victor finally found the oars, lowered the boat into the water, and climbed in himself. "So, first I'll fish, then I'll look for the net." But the bite, as luck would have it, was not and he decided that it was time to search for the network. A large bright red ball bounced cheerfully on small waves, signaling where to swim.

Victor quickly swam up, hooked a special long hook on the rope and began to get the poaching gear. I noticed that fish scales glistened among the cells. "Great! "Oh, Yes," he said. "More loot!»

Gradually taking out the net, he moved from Bank to Bank. Suddenly a slight thump and a hiss of escaping air indicated that the rubber boat had hit a snag. He was trying to figure out what to do when there was a big splash behind him. It was like a big pike hitting the water with its tail, catching up with a fast fish.

Victor turned his head and was stunned. Next to the boat, leaning out of the water to the waist, sat a naked man with a shiny bald head.

"They complained about you, fisherman! he glared at the man. "You killed a lot of my subjects, and you behaved abominably. People old, but wise do not respect, and behave inappropriately!

"Who are you, man?" the fisherman gasped.

- Who, who! Grandfather Fir! Get ready, man. You've done too much wrong, you shouldn't stay here!

A month later, a group of kayaking tourists, traveling along the river, came across an abandoned Parking lot on the Bank. A sagging tent, a car with a dead battery. And no sign of any living people. If the athletes searched in the water, they found something interesting in a deep pool - a drowned person who got entangled in the net.