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With my first husband, our family didn't work out. He was constantly drinking, cheating, and humiliating me. Even our son didn't stop him. So I couldn't stand it and left him. After that, I decided that I would never get married again, and I would never let anyone else humiliate me. But after living alone for two years, I met a man and fell in love with him.

As it turned out, he was married and had no intention of leaving the family. But I didn't want to get married, and our relationship was fine with both of us. After three years of our meetings, he decided to leave his wife, but she almost committed suicide and he decided to leave everything as it is.

So 16 years passed, I gave birth to a daughter from him, but I remained in the role of a mistress. Once, I wanted to leave, but I couldn't. And then, he had a Heartbreak, and his son got sick and died. He then almost went mad and began to spend a lot of time with his daughter. He even took her home with him and he and his wife loved her very much. Once, he even asked me to give them my daughter, but of course I didn't.

And then his wife Packed his things and told him to go away and be happy. He left and now we have been together for 22 years. We have been officially married for 6 years and I am finally really happy.

(Story sent by subscribers, told in the first person)

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