Grandma Style 1

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Hello creative community,

I read an article last night that was on my suggested stories and it is about young people dressing like their grandparents. I was interested to know why and continued reading. Well, I too had the same thoughts about how grandparents dress. I find their style quite interesting and refreshing. I can borrow an idea or two from their fashion sense.

Today I will not be writing about how I would make those ideas work for me but I will draw one or more grandparents wearing their own clothes and being cool just by being themselves. A way to celebrate the coming of age and appreciate the fact that they came before us and who knows they might have seen better days and learned important lessons.

I draw this image of a grandma using a reference photo. I pick this one because I love the big boxy and red coat. Its pattern and the square shoulders I think it's cool. The color choices I also like, the violet socks and teal pants.

Here is how I made this art :

Line art

Base colors

Added Some Patterns


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