Delicious crabs pitha recipe

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Really Crabs fish is very delicious when it is tasted . Some people said that Crabs fish is not healthy food . But it is absolutely false . I know that crabs are very healthy and nutritive food .Crabs fish includes copper, vitamin B2, selenium, and omega-3 fatty acids. It helps to purify our blood. It reduces Cholesterol and Blood Sugar. It helps to cure against flu disease . It contains vitamins A and C and antioxidants are beneficial for the skin. Crabs fish prevents age spots by preventing the spread of free radicals. The importance of benefial crabs is endless . It removes against skin disease .It helps to increase digestion power . It increases strenght our heart . It keeps cool our body .It prevents against Cough, fever, blood clots . Really It is very nutritive food.



Water (like needed)
Green chilli
Tumeric Powder
Red chilli powder
Cumin powder
Onion paste
Garlic paste
Mustard oil
Garam Masala Powder



First of all My mother kept the crabs soaked in water. My parents had cleaned crabs fish .After that My parents had washed crabs fish with water. My father and mother had collected crabs shells .Finally I had taken preparation for making this recipe . I had mixed tumeric and salt with all masala elements in crabs fish. In a word I had blended all elements in crabs shells .



When mustrad oil is hot in the pan. i had fried sometimes . Thus I had made crabs pitha recipe .



Phone camera : Mi A1
Cooker : @simaroy @mother
Helper :@father @sister
Regards @simaroy


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