Day 2, 29th june, Monday- The daily diary game by steemit

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Hello, friends.
Good evening.
Hope all you are well and enjoying your time.
This is my 2nd day of the daily diary game by steemit. Thanks @toufiq777 to invite me in the daily dairy game.

I am still a student. School and college are all closed due to corona virus. So, there is no pressure to read. And a lot of leisure time on hand. Every day I get a lot of leisure time. Even today he is no exception.

I played the FIFA game for 2 hours today. I like the game very much. I play with Real Madrid.
I play matches with Juventus.

My team players.

I was trailing 2-1 in the first half. But in the second half I came back great
and drew the match.
Check out my team's player ratings.
I draw the match even after two backs.
Hazard and Pogba are my team's goal scorers.

Eden Hazard scores.

Pogba scores.

It was really an exciting match.
Thank you.


Hello @sohanurrahman. Welcome to the Steemit community! Glad to finally find a fellow FIFA player on here. Is this Career Mode or Ultimate Team? I am so sorry that you are a Real Madrid fan because Barcelona are obviously the superior team in Spain and the best in the world. All friendly banter aside, if you have a PS4 or Nintendo Switch, we should play against each other in an online match sometime.

Yah, this is career mode. How to play online, I don't know? But, I am excited to play online.

Basically, we both need to have the same edition of FIFA (19, 18, 17, etc.) on the same gaming system (PS4 or Switch). Unfortunately, FIFA is not a cross-platform game. Once we establish those requirements, we would just need to send each other and accept friend requests to be able to play against each other online. I hope that explanation makes sense.

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Great Job bro, carry on

Thank you for taking part in The Diary Game on Steem.

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