Do you like Steemitri The Mannequin or you just want to fork him????

in GEMSlast year (edited)

Dear Steemians!

There is no point in updating you on the Steemit-Tron-Steem-Witness-Exchanges issue.

You can get an idea of this fiasco by reading the Trending posts or by following the hashtags #steem or #tron.

Hardfork over here and Softfork over there... and even I have no idea what will happen to me!!!

Do you like Steemitri The Mannequin or you just want to fork him ????


Justin I would like to fork you out!

@justinsunsteemit I'm waiting for your answer too !!!

Today everything seems calm on the surface among the witnesses ...


Looking forward to the next moves !!!

Steemitri The Mannequin


Giammai!! I LOVE Steemitri!! Non ti forcherei neanche se fossi da mangiare...ti mangierei con le mani piuttosto ;)

I really love @steemitri the Mannequin!
@justinsunsteemit, please don’t fork him!

Grazie per il supporto, hahaha!!!

Better, @justinsunsteemit please don’t hard fuck him... ops! I mean hard fork him, you... 😂

Per un italiano tanto si pronuncia uguale 😂
Italian man who went to malta

LOL!!! Avevo rimosso dalla mia memoria l'italiano che va a Malta! Hahaha

Nessus testimone farlocco potrebbe superare @steemitri nella classifica dell'ironia
@tipu curate

Ho cercato di controllare le mie emozioni e di non usare l'F-word ;-)

A proposito di F-word ascoltati questo pezzo geniale:

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