Oh thank you dear Otto, well, in my case I only have one account... I am not as important as you, someday, when I am famous, I will have to have 2 accounts too. ;)

I started following you. 😚

I greatly appreciate your support, that is very important to me. ❤❤❤

Thank you Carmen, it has nothing to do with important - on my personal account I tweet what is important to me personally, whereas on Visionary Art I tweet genre-specific art, and mostly stuff that has to do with my private network of surreal artists. It is a matter of necessity, since I don't want to get things mixed up. The Visionary Art Twitter is embedded on my VA Website, so I keep private and personal stuff out of it.

hehehehe ok Otto, I understand... do not worry I was just joking with you, Venezuelans are very affectionate, kind and extremely jokers and sometimes that confuses people. Of course, the important thing if it is true, at least for me you are a great artist with incredible creativity. ;)

Good morning and have a beautiful Sunday... kisses. <3 <3 <3

ha, I like "affectionate" - thanks for your reply dear Carmen.
Having put myself into self-quarantine (too old to take a chance) because of the corona virus, my only contacts are through social media, and this builds me up, makes my lonely days a bit more tolerable. ..... took me until Tuesday to clue in to your reply!

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