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Original photo, no filter. A couple days ago I was downtown doing a little bit of shopping and decided to stop by a plant nursery. They had everything you can imagine, flowers in pots, lemon trees, fruit trees, herbs, bagged soil and things like watering cans and hoses. Felt like I was in my natural environment just being around all things that are meant to be outside in mother nature. Since I was there and I like to take photos for my blog I decided to just that. Captured this little flower here, was positioned perfect for a photo op so I took it. I like the different shades of purple and then it turns to white and unexpectedly the bright yellow. Where did that yellow come from? Traditionally the flowers I've been noticing keep a specific color scheme, the yellow here is almost out of place but of course a most welcoming site for the eyes. Background is on point allowing brighter colors to flourish.


Linda toma. Se ven muy nitidas las fotos felicidades

I love this flower, it is beautiful. I know its name because it is one of the flowers in the Bach flower system.