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Original photo, no filter. I couldn't help but notice this green pumpkin last week. After taking the shot I kept thinking how come pumpkins are harvested right before Halloween which is in October. Obviously they're bright orange when healthy. And now that Halloween was about a month ago those same healthy pumpkins are starting to rot and wash away in the elements. Yet here's this premature pumpkin, green as can be just hanging out on the vine with a couple others. I can't remember exactly where I took this shot but if I see it again I'll check on it's progress.


WoW...it’s incredible!!! 😃

There's something interesting about pumpkins that many people don't know, they can crawl and make a system of roots at each node of the stem or branching. Like this they can grow a system of roots that extracts a lot of nutrients to grow these extraordinary enormous pumpkins - relatively fast. I cook pumpkins since august every week