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The human system with no doubt was designed to be complex with different features and functions. However through curiosity and quest for knowledge to understand the full functionality of the human nature, will have seen different research and studies invent different fields that can proffer answers to most of the underlying questions asked over the years. One field of study that engages itself primarily on the behavior and mindsets of humans is the field of psychology. They tend to dig deep into this aspect of human nature that is richly behavioral and imaginative since the actions and the inward or invisible image of mankind brew from there.

There is a particular behavior in humans I would like to emphasize on; and that's the behavior of the usage of the tongue to bless and curse. There exist some individuals who may be due to the way they were brought up and trained; you can hardly find them in the wagon of cursing. Whether you get on their bad side knowingly or unknowingly, they have a personal way of responding to make their offender feel remorseful and bewildered on the acts of their errs.

Whereas, they exist the yang version of humans who delight in the tongue of cursing. Damn! They barely have room for nonsense or patience. You get on their bad side and they respond in an acidic manner with their mouth. Some individuals in this circle do make it known from the onset that they this is personality of their tongue. They don't hide it because that's how their being is. They just don't know how to endure a situation that tramples on their nerves. They say their minds easily and instantly with the utterance of cursing.

I can't blame the human system. It was designed to expose different traits, race, culture and caliber of humans we have on the surface of this earth. In some well developed places with different climes and ethnicity, we have the surgeon of civilization to thank for changing the orientation of people who don't know how to control what proceeds from their mouth.

However, there are several cursing or vulgar words that are generic and widely acceptable depending on the manner of approach that is used to express them. Like the fuck you word, motherfucker word, lunatic word psycho word — the list is endless. People usually say these words to express their disappointment that they didn't foresee happening or to let loose their frustration towards the outcome of an ugly situation.In some cases people just say it to piss people off no valid reason.

Broadly, it has been validated that before people speak, the words first accumulate in the mind before it gets released verbally. Therefore how we guide our minds; what we let in from the actions of our role models, environment, peer groups, society, culture and shelter inwardly determines the level of etiquette and the kind of communication that will get ingrained in us.


Cursing in this part of my world seem to be dangerous because of the kind of heritage, culture and origin many hail from. In some tribes and rural regions where the level of civilization and education is on an erratic level; many parents who don't value or know the gravity of what they say to their children and to anyone in their immediate environment take pleasure in cursing. Whether the situation that instigates them to speak vulgar words is by mistake or intentional; they don't care. Mostly because that was how they were brought up and their next generation picks the baton of swear words from them and the loop becomes definitely an endless loop.

I don't want to mention any tribe here so I won't be labelled as an extremist but there is one fearful manner of cursing in my country that is potentially destructive. Digressing a bit to the dictionary, there are like three to five meanings on the word curse.

“A supernatural detriment or hindrance; a bane.”
“A prayer or imprecation that harm may befall someone.”
“The cause of great harm, evil, or misfortune; that which brings evil or severe affliction; torment. ▼ show”
“A vulgar epithet.”

Curses are supernaturally detrimental, a prayer of harm, instigator of misfortune etc. In this case, the method of swearing and curse is so deadly that whenever they release the utterances, they sometimes naked themselves under the sun, they sometimes go to a T-junction in the middle of the night, in the case of a woman, they sometimes pull out one part of their breast and start uttering curses. I won't like to categorically say they are good and evil curses but my thoughts remain the same that any curse will always be evil and I assure you all that this manner of issuing curses over here at my end usually have negative effects without a miss expect in exceptional cases were the accursed is fortified spiritually to rebuke all forms of evil utterances.

Thanks for reading.

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