Poetry: LEGACY

in GEMSlast year (edited)


Every beginning has an end
As every straight road has a bend
At that moment when I get a permanent stay in the soil
For when I get to finally rest after the toil
Make sure not to stand and weep at my grave
But tell my unwanted visitors how I was heroic and brave

For now I’m seated with my pen and diary here in the lobby
Trying to make a legacy out of my hobby
Life, love and reality are my biggest burden
As each wait for perfect chance to halt and keep me frozen

When can I say to the world that I am a success
Even when my mere words act as my only fortress
When you do speak to the world of my prowess
Please do show them the mighty pen I hold dear to my breast

For I enter the heavens with my head high
All eyes on me as I magnificently walk by
For I am now at every man’s limit, the sky
Just because I died does not mean the end, I only said goodbye
For when I get to relocate to the great beyond
Dressed in the casuals filled with heavens cologne
Writing praises for the Almighty is certainly where I belong
Now I’m free to uncertainties like a fish out of its pond

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