Screen printing a 6 colour design onto a tshirt

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So it's been awhile since I have shared some of my screen printing jobs and today's job was a really cool design.

Another day, another dollar slinging some Ink.

The client is a gamer that is after some merch to sell to his followers and he has a really cool design.


So here is the process of printing a six colour spot print design.


First the screens have been exposed with the image and have been all blocked up. Then it's time to set up the print and line up all the colour screens, so they sit in the exact right position.
This takes some time to line up all the colours. But once it's done it's time to print the shirts.

The client decided to go with AS Colour brand shirts. This brand is very popular in Australia and they have amazing quality apparel.

Step 1.

Load the shirt onto the pattern.


Step 2.

As this has multiple colours on a black shirt we have to put down a white base. So all the colours will sit ontop of the base and will be vibrant.
Print the white base then get the ink touch dry with a heat gun. This is only a small run so there was no point in running my flash cure to dry the ink.




Step 3.
Lay down the first colour, dark grey, then dry it.



Step 4
Print the grey then dry.



Step 5.

Print the high lights then dry.



Step 6.

Print the key line, we went for a neon pi k colour for the key line which really pops on black shirts




Step 7.

Print the black outline which finished the printing process and brings the image together.



Then it's time to cure the ink on a heat press.


And there you have it a six colour manual screen print and another happy customer.


There was a couple of colour changes in this job with different key line colours, which made for a great looking range of the same design.


Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed the process of the ancient art of manual screen printing 😊


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