HIVE IS ALIVE: What is Hive? Hive Chain Developments

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I never thought this would be a smooth ride from steem blockchain to Hive blockchain. Well, today has been eventful, we have successfully forked from Steem and we are live on Hive!! This is a very exciting time for the community as a whole. We now have the power in our hands to push the Hive Blockchain in the direction we want it to go. Now that the ride is bumpy, I don't regret it, but I'm also not 100% satisfied Our precious lovely house the Steem blockchain, was taken over, and we had to move hurriedly and left many things and people behind.

These past weeks have been extremely important for decentralization and for proving that we as a community are strong and are what make up the real value of the blockchain. How many of our beloved friends on the Steem blockchain will decide to stay on centralized Steem and how many of our friends moved on the Hive blockchain and some of the users are staying on both steem blockchain and on Hive blockchain as well.

What is Hive

Hive is an open-source blockchain, forged in years of development to bring Web 3.0 to the world. With a diverse community of stakeholders and without controlling bad actors, individuals can experience true ownership in a decentralized blockchain & cryptocurrency.

new hive.jpg

Hive is the alternative of steem blockchain.

Hive is a DPOS governance blockchain created by implementing a hard fork of existing Steem code.
The intention of this community-driven fork is to support and build on the strong Steem community values that have made our ecosystem so diverse and exciting. This new direction steps away from the burden of the Steemit Inc. ninja-mined stake, which has impacted the long term ability to work towards further development and decentralization for years.

Hive is an open-source social media blockchain that is forked from the Steem codebase. Hive blockchain is similar to the Steem blockchain and runs completely independently from the existing chain. Hive is also known as a copy of the steem blockchain. The origin of the Hive Blockchain came about due to certain key reasons occurred in the Steem Blockchain that resulted in a number of community members to deciding to fork off and create a new blockchain where they can work independently as a decentralized blockchain as they are considering Steem Blockchain as a centralized blockchain now.

While the Hive chain is a fork of the Steem code, the intention is to take responsibility to build something even better. The underlying Hive dispatch will be an immediate duplicate of existing blockchain with a couple of little redesigns, which will permit us to return to network conversation on the course for future improvement, required changes, and most needed chain-level highlights.

What is the difference between Steem and Hive?

Hive is a copy of the Steem Blockchain at launch. All STEEM stakeholders will receive a perfectly mirrored balance of their current STEEM holdings in the new HIVE coin. This will include matching amounts of current liquid STEEM, Steem Power, and SBD. All other account state data, such as claimed accounts, delegations, etc. will be mirrored onto Hive. If a user has 100 steem, 50 SBD, 200 SP. He will receive 100 Hive, 50 HBD, 200 HP Same as he/she has in steem wallet.

Another change that is made is that a multi-day delay has been included crediting vests towards the witness and SPS votes, This is to prevent a repeat of the governance attack that was seen on the Steem Blockchain and now one can take over the hive blockchain hostile like steem blockchain.

Exchanges that supports Hive :

These are the exchanges that will support Hive currently.

  • Upbit
  • Binance
  • Probit
  • Bithumb
  • Ionomy
  • Huobi Global

On-going Hive chain development Proposal: new features, testing, and developer support

I was reading the @netuoso post about the development of the Hive chain; developing new features, testing, and developer supports. I want to share his words with you.

With the assistance of the (hopefully soon to be renamed) @steem.dao, I will be able to dedicate more time to working on Hive instead of seeking funding or working on other projects to sustain my open-source development contributions.
For this reason, I am seeking 275 HBD per day for the duration of 2020 to continually add new features, fix security issues, update/upgrade libraries, and provide developer support to the Hive community.
The funds will be used to pay for my time developing on the Hive blockchain. I will contribute new features to the core blockchain code as well as provide testing and support for existing features or the eventual SMT hard fork. (Yes, SMT will still be coming)


Thanks to @penguinpablo he migrating to and it's working completely fine. you can check HIVE BLOCK EXPLORER here

hive block.PNG

Hive Top Witnesses

You can check the list of top 20 hive witnesses in this picture.

hive top witnesses.PNG

Hive Ecosystem

Hive has a thriving ecosystem of apps, communities & individuals, leveraging the Hive blockchain & decentralized structure.

hive ecosystem.PNG

peakd is the steempeak and here on the hive, it is named as peakd.
peakd is live on the hive and performing way better than expected. There is an issue with the it is not working and you can't access your wallet using but you can access your wallet using peakd.

Most images are taken from google images. these images are not my own

hive logo.gif


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I tired your advice and I was unable to login to peakd. I downloaded the client as they asked, configured it, still no way to login.

there is no need to download the client. just log in by using hivesigner using your steem active or posting key.


and then click on hivesigner

and login using your steem active key. and also create you keychain password

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