Bloomed 🌸

in GEMS2 years ago

Hello! My new painting has blossomed 🌸

Material: acrylic, canvas 55x65

Already know that I will write new) Somehow strange, I have a direct raging inspiration)

In general, I do not believe in inspiration. I believe in laziness. In fact, when they say "... here I have a creative crisis, there is no inspiration ..." So, in other words, it sounds like this ... ... laziness attacked me ... "hahah) Well, something like that.

I don’t know how to take pictures with my paintings. It seems to me all the same. Maybe you tell me some ideas. ps ... vulgar not to offer !.

The picture is varnished, dries))




I love art and the many ways in which it can be manifested.

from a simple craft to a painting painted by someone.

the only thing that is needed is a little imagination and dedication to express the feelings and to be able to turn a simple sheet or mold into something so beautiful.

Simply a beautiful painting, @yakubenko.
I hope you continue doing the things you are passionate about.

Wow.... Gorgeous. Beautiful as always. Upvoted at 100%

Thank you so much, I'm glad you like it)

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