The process of writing a picture. Sailboats

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Hello! Here is a little more process on the new work) Now I will post not only the finished work, but also the process in a separate post. There will be a new post as you write.

I write sailboats. There will be such a warm picture: sea sailing boats, palm trees, sandy beach))

I started to write from the sky, I can’t immediately draw everything, both the sky and the sea. I will learn to paint the whole picture at once, and not to draw. Although I write as I feel comfortable, maybe it’s not worth learning, writing because it doesn’t work out)) Well, I don’t draw every cloud, I take the sky and write it all, and then detail it and so on.

Well here is the sky, I think a little darken. Do you think it's worth it?

I began to write the sea, we will have a few waves, but not big ones.

My main paint is Tahir. I like it, average in price and good quality, it is not taken in pieces, it does not dry out in a jar, as there are many others, it is good to lie on the canvas, and it is easy to erase it made a mistake.

Have a good mood! And I went to fry the pies. I will delight my relatives with a tasty, albeit not very useful, but sometimes you can) By the way I love fried potatoes, I would eat it every day and I won’t get bored, but I think I’ll be centners 200) Do you eat right or diet can?) I’m here not always right, but I think sometimes it’s possible)


sorry to mention, why you are using much parenthesis.. :) well your work appreciated and also your figure. keep safe.

at least a million )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Lol sailboats and booty shots whats not to love if you're a seaman

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