My 3rd birthday here in the community

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HELLOOOO!!! A hug and a kiss for everyone.!!!

These last days I was absent, the truth is that I do not even want to remember, since I would cry, but something good happened too. A couple of days ago it was a different day, something special for me 😍! Well, it was a little bittersweet, but it ended up being very very sweet 💝🎆✨🎉. Why was it special? It is very simple, I have celebrated 3️⃣ years in the community! OHHHH! Yeah! A lot of time has passed! That made me very happy, for a day at least since in the reality that I live now it is somewhat complicated, but that is not important now 😊.

To celebrate I made a gift to myself 🤣🤣, one 🎂 I wanted to make it out of chocolate, but it couldn't be done, it was still delicious lol. I will show you how I did at the end of the post.

I don't speak much, the truth is that writing is not one of the best things I do, but I will try to express some feelings with everyone.

When I entered the community I had no idea what it was like, it was something new for me, I have some social networks but I was never so active and they do not compare with what I have been able to live here, I admit that good things happened to me, extremely good, too I have lived through hard times (which I want to eradicate and stay alone with the beautiful) that in a certain way have helped me to improve myself.

ByCarmenYanes  copia 4.jpg

It is the place where I officially started as an artist (The first drawing I published is crap lol ...), what was a hobby many years ago today became a big part of my life, everything revolves around the drawings and I want keep learning to become better every day despite the circumstances that sometimes make me somewhat strained or sad I try to keep going.

This community is special to me! I met beautiful people, really beautiful at heart who have been and will be very important in my life, people who I can say are my friends. I will always be grateful for what they gave me, with your support, advice and guidance to improve my career as an artist, as a person and also monetarily because thanks to you my work effort has rewards.

ByCarmenYanes  copia.jpg

I will not name everyone, practically I would make a book if I start to write the names but I am grateful for the people and healing projects that have seen and supported my work with those friends with whom I can have a conversation or pleasant messages. Well, let's cut this! I am talking a lot.

The truth is that these three years here I learned, saw, cried, explored and shared wonderful things😍🙀.

Thank you all for all your friendship and support with me.

ByCarmenYanes  copia 3.jpg


Well now I will show you how I made my gift.

I like to make desserts, I do it every year lol, but it amuses me a lot besides that I like sweet, birthday came like a finger ring 😋😆😍.

I will not put many photos but I will put a Gif of the process.

I made the cake at my sister's house, she lent me the electric oven (That was something new and I was a little scared that it would go wrong lol.) Because the house had no gas. I am not an experienced confectioner, I only make the mixture that I have seen for many years in my family, I changed some things but it works well hehehe. After making the mixture with my ingredients, I placed it in a mold to which I had strained a little butter and flour. After that I put it in the oven and I had it there for about 40 minutes, after having it ready I took it out and let it rest.

While I made a meringue to which I put a little flavoring and coloring, when it cooled, I decorated it with the help of a pastry bag. After that I ate it and it was delicious lol.


See you soon dear community, thank you for viewing and supporting my publications. 😜


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Muchas Gracias por el apoyo @dsc-r2cornell.

Congratulations!! 👏💕

Thank you very much! Oh! Sorry for my late reply!

Felicidades amiga. Abrazos.

Muchas Gracias! Por pasar por aquí!
Saludos :)

Happy belated Steemit birthday! And what a beautiful and delicious cake. I cannot cook or bake for the life of me. It is wonderful to hear what this online community has done for you and your life. I am a new user and hope to be a part of Steemit for the long term as well. Steem on!

Thank you very much, I'm glad you liked the cake, the truth is that I really enjoy the pastry shop although I don't have much time and money to dedicate to it lol. Yes! effectively! This community has been the home of much and has contributed in different ways to the users who are in it. I'm glad you're here! ..

Sorry for my late reply!

@yanes94 Happy birthday.
And happy 3rd steemit anniversary.
Although i am still a newbie, but i can imagine being in this beautiful community for 3yrs, oh my goodness, i can't wait to celebrate it.
I love you and i love your art works, they are so beautiful, i must commend.

Thank you very much @talktofaith! You can find many things here and share with very nice people. Sure, if you are going to celebrate !!!

Sorry for my late reply!

I can see that Steemit is open to any content at all.
Very beautiful.

If of course, this is huge and for everything there is a community, you just have to find what you want to do and join such a community. ;)

@yanes94, very nice advice thank you so much.

Hey!! @yanes94 i celebrate with you, happy 3 years anniversary!;

What a wonderful stay and good
experience you have gotten here

I am a newbie and It feels so great to be a part of this community,

I hope to have same wonderful experience as yours and also hope to celebrate my stay here aswell,

Your gift is so amazing , you are a good confectioner;



Thank you very much! I hope that your stay here is incredible and you can share with great people, that you can see and experience fantastic situations.

Greetings and thanks for stopping, I'm glad you like my gift, I can say that I was delicious lol.


Thank you very much Dear.

Congratulations 🙂

Thank you so much @jhayhne!
Sorry for my late reply!

No that's fine
You're welcome 🙂

Congratulations on 3 years, and wishing you happiness & success in the future...

Thank you very much for your wishes, I hope you have a lot of happiness in your life too. Take care!

happy birthday to you beautiful lady

Thank you very much, you flatter me lol :)

Happy Birthday 🎂

Thank you very much.

many successful

Thank you so much! Success for you too!.

💕woow happy birthday sweetie , i wish the best for you beautiful girl <3 love your hair color hahahah 💕💕💕💕💕

Hello Love! How are you? Thank you very much for your nice wishes, I wish the same for you! I'm glad I'll see you here! take care.

Great, it's a new change in my hair, I got bored of the blonde color hehehehhe

i'm good too thanks dear , good change ! that color is so great on you !!
i want to change it too , hehehehhe

hehehehehe thanks!!! ;)

You have an incredible and beautiful hair but surely another color should look just as nice... before I liked black hair but since I changed it I have not painted it black again. XD

Happy anniversary to you, I must say you look beautiful and the cake appears good too, I wish you more success and more healing wherever you need it.

Thank you very much for everything and for your good wishes.
Greetings and take care!

Happy birthday in arrears swity. It's been a log term coming!

Sorry I'm replying late.

Hello dear! Thank you! I'm glad to see you around here! Late but safe! I also replied late lol.

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