SteemFoods Community Established! Join Us and Earn Steem!

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Hello everyone:

Today I founded Steemit Platform's Food and Cooking Community with the sponsorship of @steemitblog and @steemcurator01.

steemFoods Community !.png

What is SteemFoods Community?

SteemFoods Community is a community that supports publications on food, cooking and recipes shared on the Steemit Platform. You can earn Steem by publishing original and quality posts about food and cookery that you can think of and want to publish.

What is SteemFoods' Establishment Purpose and What Is It Aimed?

One of the biggest events @steemitblog has organized; I have read most of the logs written with the #thediarygame tag. We all write in our diaries what the meals we eat during the day are. I am happy to announce the establishment of this community. I want you to share the meals we prepare during the day, the food we buy, the recipes and the promotions related to the food + to generate income from these posts you publish.

What Can I Share in the SteemFoods Community?

You can share any quality and original publication you can think of with food. All concepts related to food and cooking are valuable to us. No limit ! We will only support Quality and Original Content.

Examples :

  • You can introduce how the meals you prepare at home are made, so that the participants from every country can learn about the dishes of your country and city.

  • You can prepare a shipment by telling what the food you eat in the restaurant or local restaurant during the day, how it tastes, and the prices.

  • You can introduce the food products you buy weekly and talk about their prices.

  • We have no limits and we do not have many rules.


  • Any quality and original content about food and cooking is enough for us.

  • It is our most important item that plagiarized and copyrighted photos are not used without specifying the source and without permission.

  • No language restrictions.

How Can I Earn Income From the SteemFoods Community?

  • Your articles will be supported by the curation teams of the Steemitblog team.

  • There will be high award-winning food competitions every week.

  • As an example, the #weeklyfoodcontest I organized this week.

Weekly Cooking Contest! (2).png

  • Fun sweepstakes, question-answer activities and competitions with great prizes will be organized.



I am planning on making a cooking one, I will join yours though too. I am a certified Food and Alcohol handler, and took the HACCP training, so I will write a post about starting a Restaurant or other food business so the community has it.

This one is a good idea, and everyone should go to Youtube and share the link to the group under cooking videos.

 5 months ago 

A great idea. I am sure that he will prepare informative articles about restaurants and foods. Thank you very much for your desire to increase the number of users with the link to SteemFoods- Community on Youtube. We are stronger together, and I continue to work to reach more people over time. :)

41 votes and only 13 people in the group? At least this is brand new, but if you are just sitting at home quarantining and upvote this, and especially if you have gone so far as to read this comment, join the group. It is at the top of the post, it says this post is in the SteemFoods group. That is a link to the group.

I am creating a post for SteemFoods about working for Tips in the U.S., it will be up in a few hours.

Its going to be awesome, when you dont get your spices right,it can cause you your mood

@alikoc07 This is great initiative, will encourage many of like me 😊👍😍❤️

Several people from our Bangladesh will participate in your contest. So far I have joined 2 people. A few more will do. I'll do it tomorrow. @alikoc07

 5 months ago 

Many thanks for helping the SteemFoods community grow, and for getting your community involved in the competition. We are stronger together. !

Cool, joined your Community & I will share some of the recipes of Acehnese cooking, in the next few days in your community

 5 months ago 

Thank you very much, it is a pleasure to see you among us. I'm looking forward to the meals you will prepare. :)

I am happy to be in your community, if you need help, I am ready to help your community.

Contacts me on discord @Adi88#8916

Bende katıldım ama olmuş mu bilemedim yardımcı olabilir misiniz

 5 months ago 

Yarışmaya katılımınız için teşekkürler, katılımınız başarıyla onaylanmıştır. :) Gönderinize daha detaylı bir açıklama yaptım. :)

Teşekkürler okudum öğreneceğim çok şey var :)

 5 months ago 

It is great to see this new community.

Sure it will be popular.

Thank you for setting this up.

The Steemit Community

This is a great idea. Every day people think about what they are eating. I also want to participate. Good job for you!

Very nice. Willing to join this

So cool! I want to participate with my husband. Thanks for sharing.

 5 months ago 

We are happy to see you and your husband among us. I look forward to the food you will prepare. :)

 5 months ago 

This is very very good ... CONGRATULATIONS DEAR.

 5 months ago 

Thank you for your good wishes, we are stronger together.

Awesome.... will join.

Is anyone here still using this bot? The Reviews are good on Chrome, but the written part of the Review shows that it is not easy to figure out. I feel like I am missing something, but it could be broken.

Hermano felicitaciones por la creacion de la comunidad #steemfoods me contenta que exista una comunidad culinaria, me gusta ese enfoque que le das a lo practico y a lo cotidiano por que lo hace una cocina muy real y accesible, exitos amigo y por aca estaremos haciendo presencia y aprendiendo bastante.


 5 months ago 

Muchas gracias, quiero hacer crecer la Comunidad y obtener ingresos para todos los que preparan comida. De esta forma, podemos contribuir a la economía familiar y sacar provecho de las comidas que preparas durante el día. Si logras que todos los que conoces en la plataforma Steemit se unan a esta comunidad, las recompensas, los concursos y el grupo de selección crecerán mucho más. ¡Somos más fuertes juntos!

Me parece super atractiva esta iniciativa amigo, definitivamente estaré participando porque me gusta mucho cocinar y consentir el paladar de mi familia cada vez que puedo... Saludos
#onepercent #venezuela

Hi @alikoc07

just wondering if you will make it like tasteem ?

or it will be different

হ্যালো @alikoc7 .
আমার নাম : নুসরাত আখি।
বয়স : ২২ বছর।
আমি একজন শিক্ষার্থি। আমি রান্না করতে খুব ভালোবাসি। আমি আমার পরিবারের জন্য রান্না করি। আমার রান্না করা রেসিপি গুলো এখানে শেয়ার করতে চাই। আমি কি নিয়োমিত পোস্ট করতে পারবো ?

Steemfoods community is a best community that I love.Its organising good contests day by day and growing day by day.We can find good content from there.Good luck. @alikoc07

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hello friends, i am new here. i love food & already started loving your blog. Best of luck