SteemFoods Contest -17-| Promote Your Favorite Street Food Restaurant! | Side Road Barbeque

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Hello food lover here in #steemfoods community, Talking about streetfoods of course i would like to participate on this contest made by @steemitfoods and to our unendless supportive founder @alikoc07
Last night i went to buy a barbeque for our dinner located at the side road, most of the Filipino people loves a quick and easy food and one of those foods are barbeque.

Side road barbeque offers (Pork bbq) for for 12.00 peso, (Isaw or chicken intestine) for 7.00 peso, (Chicken Legs) for 35.00 peso, (Chicken Backbone) for 15.00 peso.

(Chicken Wings) for 35.00 peso, (Chicken Blood) for 7.00 peso, (Chicken Feet) for 8.00 peso, (Hotdog) for 8.00 peso, (Pork Chorizo) for 17.00 peso.

After done taking my order i waited for 5-7 minutes before my barbeque will cooked and ready to take home, and of course we don't enjoy too much the barbeque without their sweet and sour sauce with lemon and chili.

Since they are just a local side road vendor they don't have an official receipt i just pleased them to make a receipt for me so i can promote their barbeque😊.

Want to visit one of my best favourite barbeque side road restaurant? You can check this out i'm sure you really love it too as i do.


the food looks very good indeed

 28 days ago 

Indeed friend, and it's very cheap..

 28 days ago 

Thank you sir!

kalami sa baboy, worth it ang 10 hehe

 28 days ago 

Mao gyud...worth it gyud kaayo hehehe..

Barbecue is life gyud...mao ra ato madali ug palit basta kapoy luto...😊

 27 days ago 


Mayta pasko ron Kay nindot maka dawat og regalo oi

 28 days ago 

Hehehe...everyday is christmas