How I prepared my delicious moi moi [10% payout to @sf-charity]

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Eating moi moi with cassava flakes

Selfie with my food.

Hello steemfood lovers how you all doing ? As for me, I’m doing fine despite the cold weather.
I want to share with you how I prepared moi moi (African food) in my village Ikot Abasi, in Akwa Ibom state in Nigeria.
This food is delicious and good for eating with garri (cassava flasks) pap etc.
It is highly rich in protein and helps diabetic patients .
Moi moi can be served with other healthy foods such as goat meat, snails, eggs and fish.

How I Prepared My Delicious Moi Moi
I selected the dirt from the main beans, washed it and send it for grinding in our local grinding machine .
After grinding, I took it home and prepared the process of cooking it.
The ingredients for cooking includes:
Salt, fresh pepper, crayfish, vegetables oil and seasoning.


  1. Stir the beans that is already in watery form.


  1. Add salt, seasoning, fresh pepper and Vegetable



Vegetable oil

Fresh pepper

  1. Stir it again to mix all the ingredients

Mixing the ingredients

  1. Dish it into the moi moi plate

Dishing it into moi moi plates

  1. Set pot on the fire and add water that will be okay to place the moi moi plate.


  1. Put in the moi moi plate inside the pot and cover it, for it to be cooked.


It is covered to be cooked in 45 minutes

Allow it to be cooked in 45 minutes and your delicious moi moi is ready to be eaten.

Health Benefits Of Moi Moi

  1. It has antioxidant properties
  2. It contributes to weight loss
  3. Moi moi promotes easy bowel movements. Thus improving the quality of stool and promoting a regular visit to the toilet. And the high amount of fiber in beans reduces constipation.
    Moreover, consuming adequate fiber promotes satiety which could even help in preventing obesity.
  4. It helps for diabetic patients

I’ll be delighted as you go through my entry.
Thank you .
10% payout to @sf-charity.

 4 months ago 

Well done and thanks for sharing.

Smiles... thanks @adylinah for reading through my post

Wow! Now i'm hungry. Nice one dear

Smiles... thanks dear @delightdear


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