Super easy pancake recipe for the day you wake up late in the morning ..😊😊

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Hi food lovers,

Actually I could not put a post on steemfood community for a while because I have been busy lately.
Actually I could not put a post on steemfood community for a while because I have been busy lately. But today is my holiday so I wanted to share with you the super easy pancake recipe made for my daughter.


Pancake is actually a delicious nutritious meal that can be made in a very short time in an emergency. We can make it more nutritious and delicious with the ingredients we add. I also make pancakes in different flavors for my daughter to get rid of the monotonous taste. That's why my daughter loves it.

Another reason I really like this is that it reduces the number of steps that need to be followed for cooking and the number of dishes that need to be cleaned. That is, there is no need to mix the ingredients in a complicated way or use several dishes.🙂🙂 All the ingredients can be mixed in one bowl. . The advantage is that the kitchen does not get cluttered and bowl do not pile up on the sink.

So let's start..😊😊



  • 1 egg
  • 3 table spoon milk
  • 1 cup flour
  • 1/2 tea spoon Vanila essence
  • 1/4 tea spoon baking powder
  • 2 table spoon suger
  • Assort toppings
    (Such as butter,honey,jam or chocolate syrup)


Get the medium bowl and whisk together flour ,baking powder and suger.actually simply whisk dry ingredient.


flour ,baking powder and suger

then add egg,milk and whisk until jast moistened.


add egg


add milk

dont stir too much just small lamps are fine.


then rest to batter for properly hydrate and it's give the time for active to baking just about 10 min.


Then nonstick pan heat the over medium.actually pancake batter to need quick heat to ripe and get perfect broun colour.
Then 2 ,3 table spoons for each pancake.


then batter onto pan and it's auto spread into a round.if you like you can used large nonstick pan for fit to 2,3 pancake.
Cook until pancake have few bubbles and some have bursts . About 2min filp with spatula and cook until on the other side in 2min.


Then transfer to the plate and surve it warmly with desired toppings. Usually i am used honey or jam. But you can choose butter, chocolate syrup or dusty icing suger.


mmm yummy 😍😍

Im sure kiddo will like im surve it to my daughter with banana.

Hope you enjoyed it. Have a great day.😊

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Que linda ver a tu hija comer, es igual a la mía, ella ama comer panquecas con cambur.

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Thank you♥️♥️

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Hello :

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thank you very much for your support 😊and i will try to do my best..

Im sure kiddo will like it

Not only kiddos 😂

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