SteemFoods Contest | Promote Your Favorite Street Food Restaurant! | Tuslob Buwa at 8flix and Chill Restaurant

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Hello again SteemitFoods Community! I hope everyone is fine today. Today, I will share my favorite streetfood restaurant.

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It's a fine day to try Tuslob Buwa or Pig's Brain dipped in bubbles at 8flix and Chill Restaurant. The name is unique for a food right? And it will make you curious about the food.


8flix and Chill Restaurant is the new-go-to place if you want to have a unique dining experience. They have 2 branches one in Sangi Road, Tabunok and one in Zapatera Cebu City.

They are known for their unlimited tuslob-buwa set and other mouth-watering street food pleasures.

Their famous tuslob buwa set comes with ten pieces of puso or hanging rice and unlimited lamas or spices. Your tuslob-buwa experience is an unforgettable one for it is mainly a Pig's brain together with spices in a pot mixed together. Once you can see bubbles it is the time that you will dip your hanging rice and take a taste of it. For a first-timer you will surely feel doubt about the unique food but the taste is surely addicting and satisfying.

They also give satisfaction to their customers with dynamite lumpia, stuffed eggs, siomai, longganisa, ginabot, chicken proven, ngohiong, and even iced candies.


  • Unlimited Tuslob Buwa Set: P200
    Good for 1-2 persons only
    Rate comes with 10pcs puso and unlimited lamas

  • Side Streetfood Pica2x
    Stuffed Egg:
    P60 per 3 pcs
    Dynamite: P65 per 3 pcs
    Longganisa: P45 per 3 pcs
    Siomai: P35 (fried) per 3 pcs; P30 (steamed) per 3 pcs
    Proven: P25/serving
    Ginabot: P35/serving
    Ngohiong: P18/piece
    Puso: (hanging rice) P7/piece

For the drinks they have various softdrinks and water. If you also want have an iced candy they also have it for P20 per stick.

The whole experience is really one of a kind. The food are tasty and addicting. We even had 20 pieces of hanging rice, the tuslob-buwa is unlimited so why not make the most of it right? The place is also clean and the ambiance is super relaxing. It is located in Zapatera Cebu City just in a parking lot of a hotel, indeed a street food restaurant.

This restaurant became my favorite ever since I have known it, their tuslob buwa and dynamite lumpia are my favorite dish. If you come to Cebu, don't miss out this amazing 8flix and Chill Restaurant.

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Hello @keyryalle thank you for sharing your favourite streetfoods here in steemfoods.

I never tried that tuslob buwa ever since wanna try that soon when i have time😊

Thank you so much @bien. You should try tuslob buwa once, it'll be a great experience.