" Aceh's special birthday rice "

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people make birthday celebrations in the village, and in their respective homes.

This birthday celebration has become an annual tradition for the people of Aceh. So, for those of you who are not Acehnese, you will be lucky if you come to Aceh during the Maulid season, because you can explore Acehnese specialties during the Maulid celebration in Aceh.

The time span for Maulid in Aceh is quite long, starting from the months of Rabiul Awal, Rabiul Akhir, and Jumadil Awal. During these 3 months, the Acehnese people celebrate Maulid, and during that time you can browse typical Aceh food offerings, and enjoy them with satisfaction.

Mrs. Kulah, you must be strange to hear this word, right? Yes... that is, this is the Acehnese language, if the Acehnese are familiar with the kulah book. So, you who are not Acehnese?

Well, Bu Kulah is rice wrapped in banana leaves, and shaped like a pyramid.

Before the rice is wrapped, the banana leaves as the wrapper are dried in the sun until the leaves are soft. So it is not torn when used as a wrapper or shaped into a pyramid.

Then the banana leaves are cut according to the size of the rice package, and then sprinkled with salt. Then put the rice, and then wrapped in a pyramid.

This rice is used for food at the Maulid event. Eitss, but remember. You will not find this Bu Kulah when you are invited to eat at the house of the person who is holding the birthday. Only for food brought to the Mosque or Meunasah.

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