Fresh Artichke Beef Soup In Stock And Smoked Hickory Sea Salt

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Artichoke is known as the most savory and delicate plant in cookery, it goes well with most anything as a side dish or even to use as a seasoning to pesto as dipping sauce.
And this time I add it into to my soup as the main flavor to balance the richness of the beef and bone marrow.



1 lb of beef bone marrow, 1 lb of beef for stew, 3 cups of chopped fresh artichoke, two handfuls of baby spinach.

1 cup of chopped onion, 1 tbsp of chopped garlic, 1 teaspoon of dried oregano, 2 bay leaves, 4 of sage leaves, salt and black pepper.


Starting with 1 L of water into the crock pot, add the cleaned and washed beef bone marrow along with the beef and some salt then set up for 4 to 5 hours.

When it's down to half way cook, add the chopped artichokes and all seasonings except for baby spinach.

Note: If you use artichoke from jar, chop it and add it at the end followed with baby spinach.

When the soup is ready, toss the bones and add the baby spinach. Ladle it into the bowl, sprinkles with some grated parmigiano reggiano cheese and serve while it's hot.


Just in case you guys are wondering about the salt I use, Smoked Hickory Sea Salt is one of the fancy salts in gourmet culinary among Hawaiian Lava Salt, French Grey Sea Salt, Hawaiian Alaea Salt, Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, and Sea Salt comparing to the one everybody knows, the Iodized Salt, (aka table salt).

I do taste something different when I use smoked hickory salt in my food, especially I got a "Gourmet" sound when I say it, rather than that taste same thing "Salted".

Thank you for visiting my blog,


Always with delicious meals, I think your husband is happy with a woman like you who shows good food

Well, he often asks me to cook food that i don't even know which one ..😜
And he'll check online and tell me this one!
Anyway, sorry for late reply n thanks for passed by.

No problem, take your comfort, I know you are busy, but the duty of caring for your husband, I wish you a happy life

saya menjadi lapar melihat postingan anda @lugina

Mie baso malah lebih enak ..

It really looks delicious and healthy @lugina :P

Hi @cryptopie, how have you been?
Thank you for stopping by.

I am in high spirits and happy @lugina :D

I am also sad because of some news lately as my church head minister passed-away so quick, I was not expecting it. :(

RIP .... so sorry to hear that.

Thanks @lugina
I am kind of down right now as I always look forward in watching with our online church meetings, things will never be the same again. ;(

Sending prayers to allow your pain and grief pass through, it will heal in time.

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Good post.

Thank you.

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Nice recipe

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