Sea Bass In Oregon White Truffle and Basil Pesto.

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Cooking fish also has it's own rules, 10 minutes for 1 inch of thickness. But how about if you are cooking 3.5 inches of fish? I doubt that rule will apply to thick Sea Bass.


Sea bass has meaty texture, sweet taste and delicate flavor, although is bottom feeder, slightly high in mercury and a little bit pricey but I bought anyway. Well, once in awhile.

Wash and dry it up using pepper towel, sprinkle with some salt, black pepper and dried oregano.

Heat up your cast iron grill pan (recommended), add some olive oil and grill your fish until it's golden brown, then turn it. Immediately broil in the oven for 4 to 5 minutes, take it out and quick place onto a plate to stop the cooking process.
Grate some truffle mushroom and sprinkle onto the fish, serve while it's hot with basil pesto.


Oregon White Truffle

Isn't that simple? The truffle flavor is so amazing and goes well with the richness of sea bass, juicy and super sweet.

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The right of the beautiful thing, what I like about your meals is that it is always healthy that benefits the person’s health over meals that do nothing
Long as you glorified and take care of your health, it is a crown above the head and priceless

Hi @lfgiaa, thank you for your compliments.
Being healthy physically and emotionally is starting with what we eat and follow with well balanced of exercise.
Although putting my efforts in food's presentation is the way I cope from uncertain things to balance my emotional thoughts.

thank you for sharing a very delicious breakfast, even though i haven't eaten, always healthy @lugina

Sure you bet, thank you.

 2 months ago 

Nunca he probado el sabor de las trufas, debe ser exquisito.
tu plato se ve espectacular!

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 2 months ago 

Oh hoo nice cooking.

 2 months ago 


Super nice presentation! Love it.

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