How to make delicious "Rice Flour Bread" recipe by @ns-porosh

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Today I will show you how to make delicious bread with rice flour. This bread is the most favorite bread of the people of Bangladesh. This bread is not too hard to make but takes a little longer. It doesn't take much ingredients to make this kind of delicious bread. Anyway let's first know the ingredients for making rice bread. Then I will show you the process of making bread. Anyway let's get started now.


  1. 5 cups of rice powder.
  2. 3 cups of hot water.
  3. Like the amount of salt.



First take a pan in the oven and heat the water with 3 cups of water.



When the water is hot and boiling, add enough salt and burn in the oven.

Step 3


Then reduce the heat of the stove and add 5 cups of rice powder in hot water.

Step 4


Then all the ingredients have to be mixed together. All ingredients must be mixed very quickly. Then the bread will be much nicer.

Step 5


Then by hand the dough should be made into a bar like a long balloon.

Step 6


Then the long bar of flour should be cut round with yarn.

Step 7


Once all the flour bars have been cut into rounds with yarn, some amount of dry rice powder should be added in it. So that a round flour does not stick to another round flour.

Step 8


Then you have to put it in a tool and make bread with a wooden balloon. That is, in this process a whole loaf of bread is made.

Step 9


All breads should be made and kept in a clean large container.

Step 10


Place a pan in the oven to bake the bread and heat it.

Step 11


When the pan is hot, the prepared bread should be put in the pan one by one.

Step 12


After baking the bread in the pan for 1 to 2 minutes, when the bread is swollen, take the bread out of the pan.

Step 13


Bake all the gula bread in the same way.

Now it is edible.



This bread is eaten more with meat. This bread is very tasty to eat with meat. It doesn't take much ingredients to make this bread, you can try it at home.


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