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Hello, my special greetings to all members of Community .
and special thanks to : @alikoc07 and @steemitfoods
I wanted to share with all my friends today a recipe of preparing the Small Tarts .

Recipe ingredients :

-1-The dough :

  • 120 grams of butter .
  • 120 grams wet sugar .
  • Two chicken eggs.
  • A small spoon of salt .
  • A teaspoon of food yeast .
  • 300 grams of flour .

-2- cream :

  • One liter of milk .
  • Two spoons of vanilla powder .
  • 150 grams of sugar .
  • 90 grams of starch .
  • Three eggs .
  • One kilogram strawberry .
  • 1 bananas .
  • 60 grams dry grape .
  • Three oranges .

How to prepare:

-1- We put 120 grams of butter and 120 grams of sugar in a bowl and mix them well
then we add Two eggs and begin to gradually add the flour and mix until we add all the quantity then we add a teaspoon of salt and teaspoon of yeast , And we keep mixing well , until we get the dough , Finally, put this dough in the refrigerator for a half an hour .



-2- We put a liter of milk in a bowl over the fire and add two teaspoons of vanilla powder and 150 grams of sugar and let it warm , Then we add three eggs and 90 grams of starch, with constant stirring, until we get a cohesive mixture (And finally we got the cream ).



-3- We put the dough in small metal containers for cooking sweets and cakes Then we put it in the oven for fifteen minutes until it is cooked the dough .




-4- We put the cream on the ripe dough that we formed in the form of small plates , We cut some fruits such as oranges and bananas and put them on top of the cream and add some dried grapes on top.




-5- Finally we get a very tasty and delicious Tarts. , put it in the refrigerator for an hour to cool down, then it can be served.




Good appetite for everyone .

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Hello :

Thank you so much for sharing your delicious recipe in detail in SteemFoods Community. We will be voting for this post via one of the @booming accounts. Continue creating content in the SteemFoods Community. :)

thank you very much dear @alikoc07

Yummy! Love try this recipe at home

thank you so much my friend

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Tu postre se ve delicioso, es lo que falta para complementar mi comida... mmmmmm😜

thank you very much @angelva

Thank you for sharing this beautiful recipe @potikoss

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