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Felicitaciones @khanzia, @fwinanda, @ainie.kashif, @hasini, @wendyth16, y @elcorrecamino. Me encantaron sus participaciones ver los espacio que visitan es casi como viajar a otros países, conocer los alimentos preferidos es muy interesante.
Estupendo los espacios e ideas @steemitfoods y @alikoc07.


Thank you very much. I'm waiting for you to go to my city :) and i hope, one day I can visit your city. @sacra97

It would be wonderful we should not lose hope of traveling and knowing other places. I plan to go to Spain to visit my children there. My city is very touristy with many beautiful beaches @fwinanda

 11 months ago 

Thank you @sacra97 and let's participate in the next one. Wishing you a pleasant day and please stay safe, cheers, ainie

I love the space to participate. Also keep one safe. To enjoy the Christmas holidays @ainie.kashif