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Today, I will announce "Top Posts" in SteemFoods Community on 16.04.2021. When choosing "Top Posts" in the SteemFoods Community, we make sure that it is #steem-exclusive only. We cannot vote for posts published on a different blockchain. You can use the #steemfoods-exclusive tag for posts that you have prepared exclusively to the SteemFoods Community.

You can earn STEEM + TRX per month according to the amount of delegation you make to the Steemitfoods account. In addition, delegation rewards increased by 17.6%. If you want to both support and win awards by delegating to the SteemFoods Community, you can review the post below in detail.

Delegation Rewards Increased by + 17.6% | For 1000 SP : 9 Steem + 9 TRX per month |

The Best SteemFoods Posts Of The Day


16-04-2021 SteemFoods-1.jpg

SteemFoods Contest -17-| Promote Your Favorite Street Food Restaurant! | SushiNow by @ricardopercusion

16-04-2021 SteemFoods-2.jpg

Concurso SteemFoods -17- | ¡Promocione su restaurante favorito de comida callejera! | Burguer Zone 💖 por @mariaale14

Street Food Contest | "Grilled Meatballs, Tempeh and Grilled Tofu are Delicious and Tasty."

16-04-2021 SteemFoods-4.jpg

Concurso steemfoods | 🎂Marquesa Dominó Para un Cumple Especial💜🥳. "Steemit Cumple su 5° Aniversario ✋🏻" : por @dra.kgerde

16-04-2021 SteemFoods-5.jpg

Churrasco con Puré de Papas y Ensalada🍜

SteemFoods-StreetFood Contest

This week's contest subject is 'Promote Your Favorite Street Food Restaurant'. With this competition, we want to see the favorite street food vendors, traditional street food and street food restaurants where our users from different countries live. I expect all our users who like to promote restaurants in the SteemFoods Community and want to improve their restaurant promotions to participate in this contest.

SteemFoods Contest -17-| Promote Your Favorite Street Food Restaurant! | +250 Liquid Tron Award

Promote a Street Food Restaurant ! (1).png


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Felicidades a todos los participantes 🤗✨

Congrats to all...keep steeming.


congratulations kings and queens

Congratulations all of you

An article i wrote on how i prepared a red oil [email protected] https://steemit.com/hive-148497/@teco/how-to-prepare-a-red-oil-rice-by-teco-16-04-2021 it will please me if you go through it.

 24 days ago 

Congratulations to all participants :)

Felicidades a los seleccionados lo hicieron muy bien.

Felicidades al top de este dia.

This very usufully for me new member

Follow me please....

hello a pleasure, thank you very much for the indications. very nice post, very creative, greetings, blessings.

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