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Hello to everyone :

Today I will be explaining the results of the contest I organized in the SteemFoods Community with the - foodshopping and -shoppinglist tag. First of all, I would like to thank all participants. We saw in detail the meals and the prices of ingredients purchased by participants from different countries. In this way, we learned how much the products we purchased were bought in different countries. I will now explain the 4 best publications of the competition.

Top 4 Publications of the Competition:

1st Winner: @anggreklestari - 20 STEEM


Food Shopping: Makan Siang Porsi Besar di The Coffee Crowd Sendirian

  • It was extremely interesting that you prepared a detailed promotion of a restaurant in your region for this competition. You became the 1st winner of the contest for your complete and wonderful introduction of the products you eat at The Coffee Crowd Restaurant, price information and location information. Thank you very much for participating in the contest. Continue creating content for SteemFoods. :)

2nd Winner: @tormenta - 15 STEEM


SteemFoods Contest -2 - Food Shopping Contest

  • In addition to making the presentation of the products you buy from the supermarket in a wonderful and detailed way; It was very interesting that you could prepare a delicious meal with the products you bought and add it to your post. You are the 2nd winner of the contest and I congratulate you. You should continue to produce content in the SteemFoods Community. :)

3rd Winner: @lisfabian - 10 STEEM


Concurso SteemFoods -2 - ¡Concurso de compra de alimentos con 250 premios Steem!

  • The publication you prepared according to the concept of shopping in the supermarket was one of the most detailed. As an extra, thank you very much for sharing your journey to the supermarket, your thoughts while shopping and price information in detail. It is a sincere and interactive publication. You qualified to be the 3rd winner of the competition and I congratulate you. You should continue to post content in the SteemFoods Community. :)

4th Winner: @svm038 - 10 STEEM


Food Shopping Day🍩 🍫 // My Children's Wishes 👫

  • Thank you for sharing the detailed introduction of the products you bought from a wholesale supermarket. You have shared with us in detail the location information, price table, receipt and photos of the supermarket aisles. Many participants in the Community steemfoods can easily find out the prices of some food products from Turkey. 4. You are qualified to be the winner. Keep producing content in the SteemFoods Community. :)

The Person Participating with the Most Entries: - 10 Steem Surprise Prize : @fadlymatch


Food Shopping Contest: Mie Tirom

Congratulations on winning one of the Surprise Awards. You won this award because you prepared the most posts for the contest I organized with -foodshopping etike in the SteemFoods Community. You should continue to produce content in the SteemFoods Community. :)

Most Valuable Publication of the Competition: @el-nailul


Shopping food day: Buying the stock for 3 days

To make the @steemitfoods account stronger; You won a big vote by -steemcurator01 for having 250 Steem Power Delegations + also for promoting the products you bought for the contest with us in the best way possible. :) Your post was the most valuable publication of the competition. :) Congratulations.

5 Steem Winning Participants:

@josephdaniela -@yousafharoonkhan - @flacura50 - @teukumukhlis - @steemadi - @sharifanamin - @beautiful12 - @rypo01 - @franciscana23 - @sughey - @ainie.kashif - @adrianagl - @el-nailul - @olesia - @carolinacardoza - @dianag28 - @mireyalongart - @naniarmansyah - @yura77 - @francyrios75 - @tutiaryati - @luiyi-22 - @kanzia - @cukysbolivar - @steemitcountry - @petrarodriguez - @zhanavic69 - @dany2323

  • If your 5 Steem Awards have not been distributed despite following the rules of the competition; You can specify in the comment section.

Award Distribution:

A total of 65 Steem awards were distributed for the best 4 publications of my competition, 10 Steem awards were given to one participant for the competition with the most entries, and 5 Steem Awards were distributed to 29 other participants. In total, 210 Steem Awards have been successfully distributed for this competition. :)

About Next Competition:

2 days ago I prepared an article on my personal blog. I have provided important information on the topic of the next competition, which are tips for the participants in the SteemFoods Community. By looking at this post, you can get an idea of the upcoming competition and gain an advantage to become the winner of the competition.


Tips for SteemFoods Users: Introduction Post and My Cooking Skills

SteemFoods Delegation Announcement:

2 days ago I made a delegation announcement for the @steemitfoods account. Depending on the amount of delegation you make, you can partner with us and win a weekly steem award.

Detailed Information About SteemitFoods Delegation:

Quick Delegation Links:

50 SP

100 SP

250 SP

500 SP

1000 SP

2500 SP


Background Photos Source

 3 months ago 

I am happy to share with you the results of the contest I organized with the #foodshopping and #shoppinglist tags. 205 Steem Awards have been successfully distributed for this competition. As an extra, I gave information about the hint and subject information for the new contest. I have re-mentioned the delegation links and the SteemFoods Community Delegation Announcement in this post. I continue to showcase my best work for the growth of the SteemFoods Community.

When would you like me to share the announcement of the competition that I will organize with the 250 Steem Award winner #steemfoodsintroduction tag? I would like to set the prize earnings of the contest's announcement post to 50% SBD / 50%. I need a liquid steem to distribute the contest prize.

Best Regards... @steemcurator01

 3 months ago 

Great contest, great winners. Thank you for organizing this.

That will be fine to go 50/50 on that post.

The Steemit Team

I am very happy to be the 4th, thank you for submitting my prize. I'm looking forward to the next contest.


Esto ha sido una gran sorpresa para mi, muchas gracias , felicitaciones a todos, vamos a mencionar a nuestros amigos para los próximos concursos.

This has been a big surprise for me, thank you very much, congratulations to all, we will mention our friends for the next contests.

Buenos días esos son todos los participantes del cocurso? O solo los ganadores de 5 steem? Yo también participe en el concurso.

 3 months ago 

Olvidé etiquetar tu nombre entre los 5 ganadores de Steem. Etiquetaré tu nombre en un momento. Ya he distribuido tus 5 premios Steem. Revise su billetera.


Okey gracias.. Espero el próximo concurso

Congratulation for all winners. Thank u for 5 steem winning participation 👍😘

Отличный конкурс, люблю готовить и постараюсь в постах рассказать р рецептах блюд)

 3 months ago 


Я сейчас вижу ваше участие в конкурсе. Вы неправильно написали теги #foodshopping и #shoppinglist. Вот почему я только что увидел вас, пожалуйста, давайте осторожнее, чтобы правильно использовать ярлыки в сообщениях.

Вы можете проверить свой пост: https://steemit.com/steemitfoods/@dany2323/steemfoods-contest-2-food-shopping-contest-kakie-pokupk-byli-u-nas-synom-za-poslednee-paru-dnei

Спасибо. Подскажите если в дальнейшом принимать участия то как теги вставлять чтоб не ошибиться и были они правильные.

Selamat kepada para pemenang kontes yang kedua Steemit Foods. Setiap postingan pemenang memiliki caranya masing-masing dalam penyajiannya. Postingan-postingan mereka sungguh luar biasa.

Saya melihat postingan mereka yang ikut kontes ini sangat bervariasi. Barangkali tim penilai kewalahan menilai setiap artikel. Semuanya sangat menarik.

Sekali lagi saya ucapkan selamat kepada para pemenang.

Congratulation for all the winner

Uuuh so many food contest and posts love it, I follow you!

Gracias por los 5steem agradecido de contribuir al crecimiento de esta comunidad. Quisiera contactarte por discord pero en mi otra cuenta para unas dudas que tengo acerca de la delegación de steem power

Apasionante concurso, una estupenda iniciativa, estaré atenta para el próximo. te felicito!. Un abrazo desde Venezuela.

Muchas felicidades a los ganadores y excelente concurso me diverti mucho, muchisimas gracias estaré pendiente para participar en la siguiente edición. Bendiciones y saludos desde Venezuela.

Likes to the winners, in reality everyone deserves to be a winner, it must be interesting to go to the grocery store for a purpose and it is to participate in a concorso as pleasant as this.

Wow so many great participants in this contest. We knew that everyone love to cooking, shopping, and eating :)

I can't wait for the next challenge. I believe this community will grow up well.

Thank you so much @steemcurator01 for your support to make this community absolutely be awesome place for foodie on Steemit :)


3rd Winner: @lisfabian - 10 STEEM

Muchas gracias por la mención y el premio @steemitfoods - @alikoc07.

Felicitaciones a los ganadores. muy bien merecido.

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