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Hello to everyone :

5 days ago I organized a contest with the -steemfoods-restaurant tag with 250 Steem Awards. I want to remind you that there are only two days left for the contest to end. Turkey time on 26-10-2020 23: 59 The contest will end. A total of 250 Steem Awards will be distributed for this contest, and we are also trying to support your submissions with -@steemcurator01.

What is SteemFoods-Restaurant Contest?

We want you to promote a place that sells food where you live. You can promote a restaurant, cafe or a place selling street food. In your promotions; It would be great if you add the restaurant's menu, photos of the food they sell, photos of the restaurant's interior and exterior. If you check the posts posted with the -steemfoods-restaurant tag, you can prepare your stream more easily.

About the Awards of the Competition:

For each participant who abides by the rules and shares original content : 5 STEEM

  • 1st Winner: 20 STEEM

  • 2nd Winner: 15 STEEM

  • 3.Winner: 10 STEEM

  • Surprise Participant: 10 STEEM

More Detailed Information about the Competition: SteemFoods Contest -4- | Promote a Restaurant In Your Area! | 250 Steem Award-Winning Contest |

Weekly @steemitfoods x @steemcurator06 Curation Report :

In the announcement I made earlier, I announced the partnership of steemitfoods and steemcurator06. Once a week we vote for posts in the SteemFoods Community using the -steemcurator06 account.

Participants who won votes from this Week -steemcurator06 account:

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The Best Posts of the Day on the SteemFoods Community:


My Town famous StreetFOOD "Chicken Samosa"|| SteemFoods Contest -4


Dotty's Pastries and Coffee ~ Best Cafe in Kuala Lumpur That You Must Try


Zord's Chicken Potato Hash


Cachapa Llanera


Desde mi cocina: Ponquesitos rellenos.


Una deliciosa receta pechuga de pollo al ajillo by @daysiselena


Mi Almuerzo de Hoy - Aguadito con Frijolitos chinos y Carne - Ideal para una comida rápida en cocina Eléctrica


How to prepare a delicious Venezuelan beef rib soup?

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Gracias por el apoyo amigo @alikoc07, es todo un placer crear contenido para esta, "que ya saben como la llamo", deliciosa comunidad. Saludos...


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