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Hello to everyone :

Today I will announce the results of the contest we organized with the -steemfoods-restaurant tag. With this competition, we have met great restaurants, cafes and food vendors from different countries, so I am happy. I would like to thank all our participants in the competition.

Top 4 Posts of the Contest:

1st Winner: @ainie.kashif : 20 STEEM-

  • Thank you so much for sharing the introduction of Dotty's Pastries & Coffee in great and detailed detail. The only thing that can be said for the promotion of this restaurant is "Excellent". It's great to include the restaurant's location, menu list, prices, and an overview of all the food they sell. The photos you used as extras were extremely interesting. :) I want to see you more actively in the SteemFoods Community. You produce great content. :) Congratulations !


Dotty's Pastries & Coffee ~ Best Cafe in Kuala Lumpur That You Must Try

2nd Winner: @anggreklestari : 15 STEEM

  • Thank you so much for sharing the introduction of Zenbu Restaurant with us in a detailed and wonderful way. This restaurant looks really energetic, its interior design is great. I think these restaurant owners should thank you because you advertised this restaurant for free. :) I look forward to the other content you will prepare in SteemFoods Community and I want to see you more actively. Congratulations !


SteemFood Contest 4: Makan Siang Bahagia di Zenbu dengan Makanan Kaya Keju

3rd Winner: @ernaerningsih : 10 STEEEM

  • Thank you for sharing the detailed introduction of My Coffee and Food Restaurant with us. We have many exhibitors from Indonesia in SteemFoods Community, so those looking for an affordable and stylish restaurant in Indonesia can visit this cafe. It was great to add the restaurant's menu, the detailed description of the meals, the price list and the design to your post. I expect you to be actively producing content in the SteemFoods Community. :) Congratulations!


Restoran Favorit Saya Dan Keluarga, My Coffee and Food.

4th Winner: @theatrorve - 10 STEEM

  • Thank you so much for sharing the introduction of Sabor Especial Restaurant with us in detail. In this competition, I saw many quality fast-food restaurant promotions, but you prepared the presentation of the employees in the restaurant and the most detailed presentation of the hamburgers. You should continue to produce content in the SteemFoods Community, I want to see you more actively. Congratulations !


Concurso SteemFoods / Sabor Especial / Escrito original de @theatrorve / Lunes 26 10 2020 / #Steemitfoods

Surprise Winner: @daverobe : 10 STEEM

  • Thank you so much for sharing the detailed introduction of The Crown Traditional English Pub in Brazil with us. Apart from this post, I haven't seen any pub promotions with the steemfoods-restaurant tag, so it was an interesting introduction. It's also great that we have a participant living in Brazil. I expect you to promote the food culture in Brazil in the SteemFoods Community. You have to keep producing content. Congratulations. :)


The Crown Traditional English Pub: Sorocaba, Brazil: SteemFoods Contest -4- | Promote a Restaurant In Your Area!

5 Steem Winning Participants:

Award Distribution:


27 participants entered the Steemfoods-restaurant contest. A total of 75 Steem prizes were distributed for the best four posts of the competition and for the surprise winner. I successfully distributed 110 Steem awards for our 22 participants who entered the competition. In total, 175 Steems were distributed in this competition.


What's Next Contest?

I will make the announcement about the next competition tomorrow. I have determined the subject of the new contest, but if you have an idea about the new contest, I would be very happy if you write it in the comments section.

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Glad to see you over here too @Ainie.kashif 😃 My congratulations for the first place. 🥳 There were very good quality contents too, so congrats for the rest of winners. I also found very interesting to present a pub in this contest. Parabéns @daverobe. Let's keep creating and sharing good food everyone. Regards. #onepercent #venezuela #affable

Thank you @alegnita for the kind wish, happy to see you here as well. Yes, let's post more content here. Have A Nice Day and take care, cheers, ainie

Congratulation to all winner and many many best wishes boom boom food

Thank you @yousafharoonkhan for the kind wish, Have A Nice Day and take care, cheers, ainie

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

You have been curated by @yousafharoonkhan on behalf of Inner Blocks: a community encouraging first hand content, and each individual living their best life. Come join the Inner Blocks Community , and check out @innerblocks! #lifehappening

Congratulations to the winners, excellent all the entries, I hope to participate in this next contest, have a great day.
An idea for a contest, place an ingredient and the participants can create a recipe with that ingredient that you mention.

Thank you @tormenta for the kind wish, Have A Nice Day and take care, cheers, ainie

Congratulations for great contents the winner!

This community, SteemFoods growing up so well! Thanks for Steemit team to support foodie on Steemit.


Thank you @anggreklestari for the kind wish and Congrats to you as well! Have A Nice Day and take care, cheers, ainie

I congratulate the winners, they all introduced very well :) We can make a meal or dessert that we have not cooked before and give the information and the history of which region the dish belongs to. I think this kind of competition will be :) @alikoc07?

Thank you @svm038 for the kind wish. I like your idea. Have A Nice Day and take care, cheers, ainie

 28 days ago 

Congratulation for all winners, and thank you very much for your participation. I wish you all the best

Don't forget to check the next contest update


 28 days ago (edited)

Thank you @el-nailul for the kind wish, will check the next contest update. Have A Nice Day and take care, cheers, ainie

 28 days ago (edited)

Dear @steemitfoods @alikoc07, I am so happy to be selected as the winner of this contest. Thank you for the kind support and curation by @steemcurator01. I am so motivated to continue posting interesting content for Steemit. All your kindness has made me believe in this platform that as long as I work hard and produce good content, my hard work will not go wasted. Congratulations to all winners! @anggreklestari, @ernaerningsih, @theatrorve, and @daverobe. I look forward to joining more contests in #steemitfoods and will try my best to post more content under this tagline. Have a Nice Day all and take care, cheers, ainie

Te felicito @ainie.kashif.

El contenido que entregas en tus publicaciones son merecedoras de los premios que obtienes.

Eres buen ejemplo de como hacer las cosas.

Hasta la proxima...

#onepercent #venezuela

Felicidades a los ganadores.

felicitaciones a los ganadores y agradecimiento a todos los que participamos y seguiremos participando ya que es muy divertida esta comunidad y alikoc07 un gran promotor de estos concursos,vaya a ti mi saludo ,agradecimiento y apayo,saludos desde MARGARITA VENEZUELA

Felicidades a los ganadores! esta semana pudimos apreciar diferentes sitios de comida de las cuales se ve que son ideales para disfrutar un buen momento.


Esos restaurantes estuvieron de lujos y la fotografía genial...me gustó mucho tu selección @alikoc07...

Me alegro muchísimo haber participado en este concurso.

Espero con muchas ansias y espectativa el tema del siguiente.

Felicito a todos los ganadores y participantes. Las publicaciones que hacen son espectaculares y hacen dura la competencias. Sigan asi.

Hasta la próxima...

#onepercent #venezuela

felicidades a los ganadores, que bueno haber disfrutado esta semana de los diferente restaurantes y comidas callejeras en diferentes partes del mundo gracias a todos los participantes... que viva @steemfoods

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